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Random ::Work::

Posted in RandomVille on Monday, January 30, 2006 by dragonsvamp

I just wanted to let everyone who reads this blog know that you are now able to comment on all of my work be it poetry, short fiction, or long fiction.  So please, if you read anything leave me a note commenting on what you read.  Even if your comment is negative I would love to hear from you.  However, please use only constructive critisism and tell me why you like or dislike the work in question.

Thanks all,


Dragonsvamp the Lordess of Death


Drum Roll Please ::Finals::

Posted in My University Life on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 by dragonsvamp

AHHH finals a time to relax and smell the papers!  A time to contemplate and take it all in slowly ever so slowly…DEFINATELY NOT!  Finals in Jordan means the scattering of ones brains, frying these brains once found, memorizing every book on the reading list and every word the teacher said in the past whole four months, and then shaking in nervousness as the student walks to the exam room.  You’d think it was judgment day or something!


Man people here need to loosen up a bit!  Getting an A in class isn’t worth killing yourself for.  Students just over exaggerate the difficulty of the exam.  They don’t think, they just memorize and that is one of the root problems.  Ok yes the student should work hard in studying before an exam and try and do well.  And if they just understood what they are studying then it should be super easy but thats another problem, students here don’t try to understand what they are studying they are just like ‘give me the material I will memorize it and take the test’ that is it; no understanding involved at all.  But come on, your life shouldn’t end because of exams.  I studied enough I believe for the exam I have tomorrow but I am not going to sit in my room and go over everything endlessly until my exam tomorrow at 12.  I need a break and so do you!  Take it easy its not the end of the world people!

Random ::bloody expensive!::

Posted in RandomVille on Friday, January 13, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Jordan is a very expensive place to live in.  I can’t believe how expensive it is getting.  The goal of the government is to raise the taxes to 25% sometime this year.  OH MY GOD!!!! How are the people going to live??  The tax is already 16% and by march they want to raise it to something around 18%.  Other than the taxes there is the cost of the stuff here.  Since Jordan doesn’t produce hardly anything everything is being imported and the heavy importation taxes drive up the prices of the merchindise themselves.


I knew a whole year before coming here that my family was going to move to Jordan.  All my dad’s friends would tell him that it was dirt cheap living in the middle east.  And so my mother was planning on trying to save some money and stuff.  When we came here my dad got us settled and then went back to the US to work for another year.  We would tell him that our monthly allowence was much too low and he would not believe us that it was actually more expensive living in Jordan than living in California.  He soon found out when he came back a year later.  Though he won’t admit it that living in america was much cheaper he no longer defends his belief of it being cheaper.


Why are the citizens here letting all this happen?? It just confuses me.  They are sooo patriotic and love their country to death.  While they disagree with the raising of the taxes and wonder if they will be able earn enough to provide their family with the bare nescessities they still won’t stand and say so when there is something wrong.


My mom now says ‘Its so bloody expensive here! The only thing that is cheap are the tomatos!’  And I mutter under my breath ‘if that.’


Posted in WORK ::POETRY:: on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Poem #1:    White Wings

Swooping down on white wings 

Landing next to thy motionless body

Thy heartbeats are slowing to a stop

Its white claws grabbing hold of thy soul

Shaking thy soul, it askes three things

Answer correctly and thou shalt live eternally

Answer incorrectly and thou shalt forever live in pain

Death on white wings soars away from thee

For thou hast answered incorrectly

Poem 2:

I gaze down at thy motionless body

A glint of steel flashes from my hand

The moonlight’s rays fall in from the window

It plays on the dagger in my hand

Thee grunts like a pig

and turns around in thy bed

thee rests in an undisturbed sleep

My hand raises, my eyes close

I sigh and in depression lower my hand

I can not do it, my courage hath failed me

I leave thy bloated living body

I have shamed myself for thee still lives

But I have done the better thing

comments are appreciated!

An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan :: Signs::

Posted in Jordan Idiocracy on Tuesday, January 10, 2006 by dragonsvamp

I never imagined the day when I would see so many signs in public being spelt wrong.  One of the first times this occured was when I first arrived in Jordan and saw a sign saying ‘….saloon’ thee can imagine my surprise to find out that it is actually a salon and not a real saloon. 

Another time, me and my mom were at a supermarket and we went down an isle that contained ‘teethpaste’.

Just driving around amman in thy chariot thee wouldst find at least five different ways of spelling ‘restaurant’.

Even public/governemntal road signs are at times spelt incorrectly.  For instance I was shocked to find a sign telling traffic which way to go to reach the ‘airpot’.  Now I must ask you what exactly is an ‘airpot’?  For I have traveled down that path and in the end I found an ‘airport’ and not an ‘airpot’.

The shocker was not only the misspelt signs but the ‘who cares’ attitude of the people when one tells them of the misspelt words.  Shop owners might just go ‘ok thank you’ and then turn around and say something rude in arabic to an employee about nosey customers thinking us ‘foriegners’ didn’t understand.

These are only a few spelling mistakes to be found in Jordan.  I shall keep an eye out for more misspelt words in the next week and will update this post whenever I find a new one…

An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan :: Index Finger::

Posted in Jordan Idiocracy on Monday, January 9, 2006 by dragonsvamp

I can’t believe how idiotic this following story/event/occurance is.  What is wrong with wearing rings on your right index finger?  I just can’t understand this.

It stuns me even more when a girl who has a mask of makeup on, doesn’t wear the scarf, is wearing the tightest clothes on and then a big fat huge ‘ALLAH’ pendant written in arabic is sitting on her gold chain comes up to me or my sister and says ‘Excuse me its haram to wear a ring on your index finger!’  What the guts!!! She, who declares by that neckless, that she is muslim is breaking half a dozen rules by the way she is dressed has the nerve to come up to me and tell me such an idiotic thing!

I have found a quick reply for such a bais comment, ‘Where is you daleel?’  That is proven to shut these ‘fay’een’ girls up.  What is wrong with adorning the index finger with a beautiful ring?

This to me shows to what extreme these poor arabs are.  They are so ignorant about what is right and wrong in their religion that they fall back on culture and decide that that is their ‘daleel’.  

For example, it has become something horrid to do something that is ‘ayb’ when it has no basis on the religion what so ever.  Come on man, how can riding a bike be ‘ayb’ or ‘haram’ for a girl?  The Prophet used to race with Aicha on horse back…whats the difference?

How can this country be civilized when its culture and superstitions are super messed up?  Think on it…

An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan :: Serious Relationship ::

Posted in Jordan Idiocracy on Monday, January 9, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Last week, on the last day of classes in the university, a most disturbing event occured.  I was with my friend and had to go to the ministry of higher education to get some papers stamped.  This ministry was only a few miles away and so I was busy hailing a taxi when a guy, clean cut with a ton of papers about Unicef, came up to us.  I had just hailed a taxi and my friend was trying to find out what the guy wanted.  He told her 'I want to talk to her' pointing to me.  By now I had opened the door of the taxi and told my friend to get in.  I looked at the guy and said 'We are busy.'

 This is something very normal in Jordan.  Complete strangers coming up to you in the street either trying to sell you something or are begging.  So I natuarlly thought he wanted to sell me something or to inlist my aid in Unicef.

 A couple hours later after I got all my papers in order and my friend and I had returned to the University, we met up with friend #2 and we decided to go and have lunch at BK.  We were in the little tunnel/walk way to cross the under the street to the other side when the same guy came up to me and said 'can I talk to you?' It had not occured to me that it was odd that he was talking in English.  I always and only spoke in English at the University so either the people talked to me in english or they didn't.

I answered, 'What?' and he replied, 'Can I talk to you alone?' by this time my friends had stepped back and couldn't hear what we were saying.  'What about?' I asked him.

'Can I ask you a personal question?' he asked back.

'No.' I said flately.  I was not about to let a man ask me a personal question.  My life was none of his business.  He was obviously stunned.  'You  aren't even giving me a chance!' he exclaimed.

'Why sould I give you a chance?' I countered.  I was quite grossed out at his nerve.

Then the stunner blow hit. 'I would like to get into a serious relationship.' I was beyond stunned.  I had been niave all this time thinking he wanted to know about why I dressed differently, where I was from, or some such thing. 

I almost yelled, 'No way!' and turned around walking away from him and said to my friends, 'OMG!!!! The NERVE! THE IDIOT!' and I am sure he heard me.  I was too stunned to keep my voice low.  How idiotic can that be?  AHHHHH I still can't believe it.  He oddly followed us till we entered BK.

The problem is that most girls at the university would relish such and encounter.  Even if they turned the guy down they would run to their friends and giggle over it.  I guess it made them feel important, pretty, and desirable. BLEH!!! I just can't understand how people have no shame or dignity in this country!  Yes I do know that there are people who have digninty but the majority don't.  What kind of egotistical sickness is this when a guy comes up to a girl and flat out says that he wants to get in a serious relationship without even knowing her before hand or even remotely thinking that he would get turned down.

I have come to the conclusion that men here in Jordan have such HUGE egos its sickening.