An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan :: Index Finger::

I can’t believe how idiotic this following story/event/occurance is.  What is wrong with wearing rings on your right index finger?  I just can’t understand this.

It stuns me even more when a girl who has a mask of makeup on, doesn’t wear the scarf, is wearing the tightest clothes on and then a big fat huge ‘ALLAH’ pendant written in arabic is sitting on her gold chain comes up to me or my sister and says ‘Excuse me its haram to wear a ring on your index finger!’  What the guts!!! She, who declares by that neckless, that she is muslim is breaking half a dozen rules by the way she is dressed has the nerve to come up to me and tell me such an idiotic thing!

I have found a quick reply for such a bais comment, ‘Where is you daleel?’  That is proven to shut these ‘fay’een’ girls up.  What is wrong with adorning the index finger with a beautiful ring?

This to me shows to what extreme these poor arabs are.  They are so ignorant about what is right and wrong in their religion that they fall back on culture and decide that that is their ‘daleel’.  

For example, it has become something horrid to do something that is ‘ayb’ when it has no basis on the religion what so ever.  Come on man, how can riding a bike be ‘ayb’ or ‘haram’ for a girl?  The Prophet used to race with Aicha on horse back…whats the difference?

How can this country be civilized when its culture and superstitions are super messed up?  Think on it…


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  1. silveraminoacid Says:

    Well, you should have told her “Did God run out of Angel staff and sent you to negotiate Islam with me?”

    Ahh… nevermind then… bimbos!!

  2. lol thats a good one! I’ll be sure to use it when ever the chance turns up!

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