An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan :: Serious Relationship ::

Last week, on the last day of classes in the university, a most disturbing event occured.  I was with my friend and had to go to the ministry of higher education to get some papers stamped.  This ministry was only a few miles away and so I was busy hailing a taxi when a guy, clean cut with a ton of papers about Unicef, came up to us.  I had just hailed a taxi and my friend was trying to find out what the guy wanted.  He told her 'I want to talk to her' pointing to me.  By now I had opened the door of the taxi and told my friend to get in.  I looked at the guy and said 'We are busy.'

 This is something very normal in Jordan.  Complete strangers coming up to you in the street either trying to sell you something or are begging.  So I natuarlly thought he wanted to sell me something or to inlist my aid in Unicef.

 A couple hours later after I got all my papers in order and my friend and I had returned to the University, we met up with friend #2 and we decided to go and have lunch at BK.  We were in the little tunnel/walk way to cross the under the street to the other side when the same guy came up to me and said 'can I talk to you?' It had not occured to me that it was odd that he was talking in English.  I always and only spoke in English at the University so either the people talked to me in english or they didn't.

I answered, 'What?' and he replied, 'Can I talk to you alone?' by this time my friends had stepped back and couldn't hear what we were saying.  'What about?' I asked him.

'Can I ask you a personal question?' he asked back.

'No.' I said flately.  I was not about to let a man ask me a personal question.  My life was none of his business.  He was obviously stunned.  'You  aren't even giving me a chance!' he exclaimed.

'Why sould I give you a chance?' I countered.  I was quite grossed out at his nerve.

Then the stunner blow hit. 'I would like to get into a serious relationship.' I was beyond stunned.  I had been niave all this time thinking he wanted to know about why I dressed differently, where I was from, or some such thing. 

I almost yelled, 'No way!' and turned around walking away from him and said to my friends, 'OMG!!!! The NERVE! THE IDIOT!' and I am sure he heard me.  I was too stunned to keep my voice low.  How idiotic can that be?  AHHHHH I still can't believe it.  He oddly followed us till we entered BK.

The problem is that most girls at the university would relish such and encounter.  Even if they turned the guy down they would run to their friends and giggle over it.  I guess it made them feel important, pretty, and desirable. BLEH!!! I just can't understand how people have no shame or dignity in this country!  Yes I do know that there are people who have digninty but the majority don't.  What kind of egotistical sickness is this when a guy comes up to a girl and flat out says that he wants to get in a serious relationship without even knowing her before hand or even remotely thinking that he would get turned down.

I have come to the conclusion that men here in Jordan have such HUGE egos its sickening.


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  1. silveraminoacid Says:

    Well, after rewinding the wheel of time and pondering his true intentions.

    a) He must know you’re American….

    Hint: guys here think marrying an American girl is hitting jackpot, cause u know… because of the Greencard thing!!

  2. Well i can tell you don’t like Jordan, anyway. A thoroughly interesting blog, which I will keep an eye on. Thanks for adding mine to the Blogs I Read section, as soon as I work out how,I will probably do the same. feel free to post comments and stuff, now that it works and everything.

    I hope I spelt everything right, I don’t want to get bloodsucked!

  3. hey, i never read this one!

    (staggers off to find a suitable barfing-place)

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