An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan :: Signs::

I never imagined the day when I would see so many signs in public being spelt wrong.  One of the first times this occured was when I first arrived in Jordan and saw a sign saying ‘….saloon’ thee can imagine my surprise to find out that it is actually a salon and not a real saloon. 

Another time, me and my mom were at a supermarket and we went down an isle that contained ‘teethpaste’.

Just driving around amman in thy chariot thee wouldst find at least five different ways of spelling ‘restaurant’.

Even public/governemntal road signs are at times spelt incorrectly.  For instance I was shocked to find a sign telling traffic which way to go to reach the ‘airpot’.  Now I must ask you what exactly is an ‘airpot’?  For I have traveled down that path and in the end I found an ‘airport’ and not an ‘airpot’.

The shocker was not only the misspelt signs but the ‘who cares’ attitude of the people when one tells them of the misspelt words.  Shop owners might just go ‘ok thank you’ and then turn around and say something rude in arabic to an employee about nosey customers thinking us ‘foriegners’ didn’t understand.

These are only a few spelling mistakes to be found in Jordan.  I shall keep an eye out for more misspelt words in the next week and will update this post whenever I find a new one…


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  1. silveraminoacid Says:

    We should make a directory of those words Klo, the exact place and word, publish them on the net sooo those owner would think twice about using a spellchecker before printing those signs 😀

    Hahaha, airpot? well i lived near that airpot for seven years now, and everytime i read that very sign i laugh my bum bum out!!

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