Poem #1:    White Wings

Swooping down on white wings 

Landing next to thy motionless body

Thy heartbeats are slowing to a stop

Its white claws grabbing hold of thy soul

Shaking thy soul, it askes three things

Answer correctly and thou shalt live eternally

Answer incorrectly and thou shalt forever live in pain

Death on white wings soars away from thee

For thou hast answered incorrectly

Poem 2:

I gaze down at thy motionless body

A glint of steel flashes from my hand

The moonlight’s rays fall in from the window

It plays on the dagger in my hand

Thee grunts like a pig

and turns around in thy bed

thee rests in an undisturbed sleep

My hand raises, my eyes close

I sigh and in depression lower my hand

I can not do it, my courage hath failed me

I leave thy bloated living body

I have shamed myself for thee still lives

But I have done the better thing

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