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Jordan is a very expensive place to live in.  I can’t believe how expensive it is getting.  The goal of the government is to raise the taxes to 25% sometime this year.  OH MY GOD!!!! How are the people going to live??  The tax is already 16% and by march they want to raise it to something around 18%.  Other than the taxes there is the cost of the stuff here.  Since Jordan doesn’t produce hardly anything everything is being imported and the heavy importation taxes drive up the prices of the merchindise themselves.


I knew a whole year before coming here that my family was going to move to Jordan.  All my dad’s friends would tell him that it was dirt cheap living in the middle east.  And so my mother was planning on trying to save some money and stuff.  When we came here my dad got us settled and then went back to the US to work for another year.  We would tell him that our monthly allowence was much too low and he would not believe us that it was actually more expensive living in Jordan than living in California.  He soon found out when he came back a year later.  Though he won’t admit it that living in america was much cheaper he no longer defends his belief of it being cheaper.


Why are the citizens here letting all this happen?? It just confuses me.  They are sooo patriotic and love their country to death.  While they disagree with the raising of the taxes and wonder if they will be able earn enough to provide their family with the bare nescessities they still won’t stand and say so when there is something wrong.


My mom now says ‘Its so bloody expensive here! The only thing that is cheap are the tomatos!’  And I mutter under my breath ‘if that.’


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  1. silveraminoacid Says:

    Well, as you know, everybody is afraid to say anything. Am gonna be discussing this as a feature in my blog soon, haha, and tell your mom tomato prices are gonna get higher in 6 months 😛 sooo… LOL!

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