Drum Roll Please ::Finals::

AHHH finals a time to relax and smell the papers!  A time to contemplate and take it all in slowly ever so slowly…DEFINATELY NOT!  Finals in Jordan means the scattering of ones brains, frying these brains once found, memorizing every book on the reading list and every word the teacher said in the past whole four months, and then shaking in nervousness as the student walks to the exam room.  You’d think it was judgment day or something!


Man people here need to loosen up a bit!  Getting an A in class isn’t worth killing yourself for.  Students just over exaggerate the difficulty of the exam.  They don’t think, they just memorize and that is one of the root problems.  Ok yes the student should work hard in studying before an exam and try and do well.  And if they just understood what they are studying then it should be super easy but thats another problem, students here don’t try to understand what they are studying they are just like ‘give me the material I will memorize it and take the test’ that is it; no understanding involved at all.  But come on, your life shouldn’t end because of exams.  I studied enough I believe for the exam I have tomorrow but I am not going to sit in my room and go over everything endlessly until my exam tomorrow at 12.  I need a break and so do you!  Take it easy its not the end of the world people!


5 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Finals::”

  1. I love your poetry, at a level much higher than my own,
    I shall link to thee, and hope you read my poetry,
    go to reaper.iblogs.com , my Creativity,
    one story, two freeverse poems,
    that is the way I roll.

  2. thanks for reading my two poems.

    Star was written in my FIBERS class, not to be confused with the real heart and soul of art.
    Beast was written when, “I wish inspiration would slap me in the face!”
    I haven’t wrote any more, mainly because I have to be inspired to write one. If I go to a place like the mountains or the ocean for example I can finally get that much needed inspiration……..

    I will let you know when I write another, also check out my story in the same section of my blog.

    Lordess of Reaper………..lol

  3. to your comment on my blog,

    Listen to your poem “The Warrior Boy”, was he afraid of death?

  4. sidenote: strange how differnt cultures change words around. “The Boy Warrior” is the proper title.

  5. I get your point…lol


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