Random ::University vs. Creativity::

I have decided that that JU suppresses ones creativity instead of encouraging it.  At least that is what it does to me.  Before my first semester began I started writing a novel about vampires.  I had written around six to seven thousand words when university began.  During the semester I wrote a little in the begining but then for some odd reason rarely wrote.  I did not have writer’s block but I sure did not feel like I wanted to write.  Now that the semester is over as of the 21st of January, I have written in ten days more than ten thousand (yes TEN THOUSAND) words for my novel.  Yes having a break sure let my creativity gush out like a torrent! 

 So I say this to the university: ‘I HATE YOU!’ 


So does anyone else have the same feeling or is it just me?


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  1. I will proof read your story if you’ll send it to me. I really love “mythical” stories, and secretly hope that some place in the universe has these kinds of things. If you are interested, email


    P.S.: I am not kimberly and no one around me is. (insert evil laughter here)

    For some short horror stories, visit my pal The Grey Scribe at


    My story is in the Sci-fi section if you are interested.

  2. Thank you very much…I’m planning on putting up the written chapters of my story here soon…

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