Drum Roll Please :: Grades oh mighty grades::

Oh the lovely grades are out…I can just smell them. And boy do they stink! But I must say I am happy with the outcome of this semester. Even though I did not expect to get a B+ in my Democracy and Human Rights class (which is a bad thing because I was expecting an A) but all the other grades were expected. I am very happy that I am finished with one semester. One semester down five more to go (excluding 2 summer semesters).

All in all I think I am ready for the new semester to take me into its storm and ring me dry of all my information. So bring it on! (insert rolling eyes and a big fat sigh here)


3 Responses to “Drum Roll Please :: Grades oh mighty grades::”

  1. keep at it. only 7 more for me.

  2. blood is thicker then water… but not as thick as you… b+… shame on you and your family…!!!!!

    Get ready to start serving up hamburgers kido.. you’ll be manager at burger king in no time!!!


  3. chaps is a douche………….

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