An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::Familiar’s Death::

On the evening befor Eid al Adha, my familiar Koko left the house.  I nor my family had realized that he had gotten out.  Koko usually only went out to relieve himself and socialize with Yasmeen a cat who adopted us.  But he rarely ever slept outside at night.  But this night we were so busy that we forgot to let him in.  In the morning of Eid we woke up early and promptly left the house.  However, we first called for Koko and recieved no reply.  The whole day we were out and came back really late at night.   We made an attempt to find Koko again and called to him but he never showed up.

 The next morning dawned bright and beautiful and still no Koko.  That was when the Hariss (a sort of guard and handyman who lived in a room on the first level of the apartment building) told us that Koko was hit by a car on the day of Eid and that he had died.  He had taken Koko and put him in the empty lot next to our home.  My sisters woke me up crying and I instantly knew what had happened.  They found Koko’s dead and smashed body and gave him a decent burial.  But it sure made our Eid one of the worst that we ever had.


Now one thing I absolutely hate about Jordan is the absense of the importance of life.  Kids brutely abuse donkeys that help earn their living.  People not caring if they hit a cat or dog in the road and justifying it by saying that the animal was just in the way and they had no intention of swerving…even if they had the chance to save the life of the animal and cause no harm to themselves!  They just do not care.  They do not see that these animals have feelings and souls just as much as they have.  ARGGH!!! It just frustrates and infuriates me.  How can they be sooooo unfeeling? so uncaring?

It even makes me more angry because Islam teaches the opposite.  And most people who live here are Muslims.  Islam looks down upon the abuse of animals.  It prohibits their abuse.  But these people just do not seem to care.  And this is another example of how idiotic Jordanians are!


(thank God im not a jordanian!)


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