Drum Roll Please ::First Day of Second Semester::

I woke up at around seven in the bright and not too cold morning of February the twelfth two thousand and six.  I was nervous for today was the day I would be able to fix up my schedule and sit in on the first classes I sign up for.  I was worried that the classes I wanted would be locked hence I would have to run around the university trying to unlock them by getting certain head figures to sign a slip of paper.  I picked up my friend KC and we met up with my college buddy Amino who is in the same year as I am.  Amino and I are both studying English Literature and were hoping to get into a couple classes with each other. 

My appointment for the, as they call it here, ’sahb wa idafa’, which translates roughly to ‘withdrawing and adding’, was up first at 9.40 am.  Since I haven’t figured out how to withdraw and add the classes on the computer because it was in Arabic Amino helped me drop the four offending classes  (the ones that I could not possibly take for they were way too early or way too late) that I had signed up for previously in the end of last semester.  She also helped me add the five classes that I wanted to get into and fit my schedule.  I was happily surprised that all five classes I wanted to get into were open.  So I got Amino to hurriedly sign me up for them.  In total I had signed up for six classes. They are Syntax 1, Drama, English Lit till 1600, Classical and Ancient Literature, Arabic 101 for non Arab speakers, and French 1 For Beginners.  

When we finished at 10 am we promptly went to the Head of the Department to get a signature to unlock Drama for Amino.  The Head of the Department was ‘busy’ as the secretary (we like to call her the monster) said.  So we sat around waiting for the Head to sign the paper for at least an hour and a half.  In the end he refused saying that the class is too full to be unlocked.  Bleh he could have told us or at least the secretary could have told us that earlier.  Anyways after that Amino had her ’sahb wa idafa’ appointment at 12.10 so we went for that.  That went smoothly other than the fact that she couldn’t take Drama with me. 

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly until I decided (since Amino went to train with her coach) to sit in on the last two classes of the day, which were Classical lit and Arabic 101. So I dragged KC with me and we got to the classroom a couple minutes early.  But it was empty except for two or three other students.  Like five minutes later a girl comes in and tells the class that the classroom was changed.  So I had to hurry to the other classroom.  I enter it and its full of students and the teacher had not yet started.  I get in a seat in the back and the teacher starts by giving out they course plan.  She then explains a little bit about the class and what we are going to study.  Then said something about not having first years in the class and I raised my hand and said that I was a first year.  She told me to drop the course for she was not going to teach a first year in a fourth year class.  She went on about how it’s against the school policy and that the student had to go by the sample plan (note stress on sample).  She also went on about how it is to my benefit to drop this class because a) there are some background info that I need (though the class does not have a prerequisite) and b) she said that the registration office was going to give me a hard time when I graduate because of taking the class early.  I told her I wanted to graduate early and I had taken a fourth year class the pervious semester (Poetry) and no one gave me a problem.  Actually the registration office had told me to take Poetry.  I also told her that I am English is my native language (and I can guarantee none of the other student’s mother tongue is English) and that I had gotten an A in Poetry and that I believe I would not have any problem with this course.  In the end she was like (and this is word for word) ‘I don’t want to see you her next session’.  I was stunned. 

 After that I went to Arabic 101.  The teacher told us what to expect of the course and then let us out within fifteen minutes.  I didn’t really concentrate on what she was saying.  I was too busy worrying about the C and A Lit class.  

I then went to my favorite teacher in the whole university (she was teaching a later section of the same subject) and told her all and asked her what she thought.  First she said that it is odd for a first year to take a fourth year class and that it was the registration office’s fault because if they said we couldn’t take the class it should have automatically rejected our signing up into it to begin with.  She explained everything to me clearly and in a nice and understanding way.  She also told me that the teacher I had had taught her when she had been studying in the University and that she had a higher standing in the teacher hierarchy.  She told me she would ask the head of department and see what he was going to say about it.  So I guess I’m going to have to wait for what he says.  For it seems his word is almost like law (it is unless I decide to go to the Dean). 

Amino read the book of school rules and said that it didn’t say anything about a first year not being able to take fourth year classes.  It didn’t even say anything remotely related to such an incident.    

So all in all I had a very long day and I am happy to see it end.       





4 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::First Day of Second Semester::”

  1. Wow, that is a lot of work! I wish mine was that simple, lol!

  2. silveraminoacid Says:

    *Sigh* It’s a good thing we’re going to graduate ASAP!

  3. it sure is two years and one semester left!!

  4. Just wanted to say, my prologue to my novel is up on my blog. Please read it.

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