Drum Roll Please ::First Week of Second Semester::

In the last post you can find out what happened to me on my first day of my second semester of University.  Now I will finish up by telling what occured during that first week and part of the second (this) week.  On Tuesday Amino and I ran around trying to get someone of authority to tell us that there is no rule that says we can’t take a fourth year class.  The rule book, Amino having read it twice, said that as long as the class has no prereq then anyone can take it at any time.  We finally did find the Deen of the Department told us that we could take the class.  We went to the Head of the Department and he told us the same. 

I went to the teacher at one o’clock which is the time for the class and told her that they said I could take the class.  The first thing out of her mouth was and I quote, ‘Well, I said you can’t.’  Then she told me to talk to her after class.  She wasn’t willing to let me even sit in in the class.  I waited until the class finished 50 minutes later and she repeated what she told me on our first class. Then as she walked away she almost screamed at me yelling ‘Fine, do what you want!!’  And left.  I had tried to ask her to let me transfer to another section of the same class but she wasn’t listening to anytihng I was saying.

I was exhasperated.  To make a long story short because I really don’t want to sit and retell everything that happened to me, I ended up having to drop the course.  Yes I dropped it cuz it was either that or staying in the class and mostlikely being given a grade I didn’t deserve just because the teacher doesn’t like me and because I didn’t listen to her.  It took me the better part of a week to drop the class.  And then I found out that because I dropped the class all the money I paid for that class was going to disappear, it was all going down the drain.  My dad talked to the Deen and I had to go in today and talk with him and finally after an hour of running around I got them to put the money I paid for the dropped class as credit for next semester.

 Honestly I can’t wait till I get out of this hell hole of a University.  The sooner the better.  I hope I won’t have to go into the registrations office or the Deen’s office or the Head of the Department’s office until the begining of the summer semester.  *Fingers crossed*.


Classes I am taking this semester totalling 15 credits (max. 18)

1. Syntax 1

2. Drama

3. English Literature til 1603

4. Arabic 101 for Non Arab Speakers

5. French 1 for Beginners


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