An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::Arabs and Time::

So what is it with Arabs and their lack of ever being on time???  It just never fails if an Arab tells you something will be read by, lets say one o’clock, and you go by there (wherever there is) at lets say three you will most likely find that the ‘something’ is still not ready! 

On Wendsday I dropped off my cell phone to be fixed.  I was having trouble with the recharging of it.  The man there told me that the cell would be ready by five or six that same day.  I told him I would come by the next day when I had a break between my classes at the university.  The store is right outside the university.  And he was like yeah ok.

The next day, Thursday, I go to pick up my cell at eleven o’clock and the guy was like oh its ready but its not here yet.  They fix the cell phones in their factory or something and not in the store itself.  He told me come back at like five and it will be there.  I was like ‘No way. You told me that it would be done by yesterday evening.  It has to be here by three.’  The guy was like ok it will be here by three.  I went back to the university and had a class from twelve to one and I had volunteered to help the Convo Club (helping the students to better their spoken English) which was from one till two thirty.  I went back to the store and the phone wasn’t there!!

Shocking huh?  Most definately.  I was very upset.  The guy working in the store called the person who was supposed to bring the cell phone and told me that he is on his way and will be at the store within half an hour.  I was like I have a class at three.  He was like ok then come back after your class is finished.  I was angry and told him that the guy had better have arrived by the time my class finished.

It really wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t have to walk up a hill to get to his store everytime.  But thats beside the point.

After my class my sister picked me up from a different gate and I asked her to stop by the store before we left for home.  She did and I went into the store at 4:15 pm.  And what do I find?  No phone.  Nope the guy still hadn’t arrived.  The person working there called him again and told me that the guy’s car had broken down and he needed fifteen minutes to arrive.  I was like ok you have fifteen minutes and went back to the car to wait.  Twenty minutes later I went back and the cell wasn’t there yet.  *sighs*

I gave the guy a hard time and told him that there was no way I was going to wait any longer for the cell.  Me and my sister had stuff to do and we had to get going home.  Finally, he agreed to drop my phone off at my house and gave me a temporary phone until I got mine.  He told me the guy should get to my house in half an hour.

I got home before five o’clock and the guy didn’t arrive until well past six.  At least my cell is fixed but man was that one hell of a day!

 So what is it with Arabs and time??  Does anyone know?  Because I know for a fact that Islam promots being on time and fulfilling promises on time.

So anyone know?


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  1. I learned in my intercultural communication class about how different cultures view time. The US is a monochronic culture which views time as linear, while maybe in Jordan they have a polychronic culture where everyone is more easygoing about time and they don’t necessarily stick to their schedules?

  2. Yeah most people here are usually very late. So maybe you are right. hmmm I never thought of it that way.

  3. Cy Hunter-Quick Says:

    This seems to be the pattern outside the English-speaking world. No doubt, we Brits and Yaks etc used to be like it before the Reformation and the modern world’s beginning. I guess we will just have to be patient if our budiness takes us into contact with this (“manana”) approach to life.

    Before I retired, I often moonlighted. There were only 8 hours of the 24 for sleep. But when I would fall back on doing only one job, I would get home with an evening (or an afternoon in case of night shift) and go all manana. On went the big SW tranny and the search for VOA or Caroline or AFN began. Any DIY jobs around the bedsit… manana.


  4. Cy Hunter-Quick Says:

    Sorry, business not budiness, Yanks not Yaks, Cy

  5. Cy Hunter-Quick Says:

    Sorry, PS, in the Third World the majority of the people are actually at death’s door with tropical diseases or mal-nutrition all the time, poor souls. It is not POSSIBLE for them to move fast. (That is an issue different to the one you raised.) Sorry to keep coming back. I will go now, ciao, Cy

  6. I wouldn’t concider Jordan to be a third world, I concider it a developing country. Not many people here have mal-nutrition and tropical diseases like one would see on tv about africa. However, the majority of the people here are poor or near or under poverty level. But also, there is a growing middle class and there is a pretty big upper class. There is also, surprisingly many ‘modern’ stores and stuff like BK and MAc and Mango and Guess and high rises are becoming quite a normal thing. So i wouldn’t concider the ps. to be quite right. well gotta go school soon.

  7. Good point about my misleadinguse of the Third World term. Once we had the First World, the capitalist, successful economies, principally the West. The second world was never so-termed. We called it the Socialist World. The third world was everybody else. They were mostly very poor. But oil rose to market price from around 1971, India went capitalist and got new crop strains, and things have changed. Sorry for not catching up. Cy

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