Book Review ::Pandora::

 PandoraTitle: Pandora

Series: New Tales of the Vampires

Author: Anne Rice

Pages: 344

Cost: $7.99

My Rating: C+ (3.0 out of 5)

Comment:   I really enjoyed reading this book.  It was smooth and flowed well with the usual few bumps.  However, it left quiet a few questions unanswered and quiet a few points were vague.  This is definately not one of her better works but it is still good and a must read for any Anne Rice fan.  The storyline is quiet simple but yet written very well.  It isn’t as dark as her other novels which is a nice change and the main character is a female which is another nice change. 



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  1. I wanna read that book, I’m currently reading Queen of the Damned which is probably my favorite of the series so far

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