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I came across this from an email a friend sent me.  another friend asked the question following the quote. 



 “Sanity is the playground for the unimaginative”   We all love being insane, don’t we?


I totally agree with it.  What do you think? 



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  1. Depending on where you are, who you are… if you fight for a cause, like sustainable lifestyle choices, like if your concerned about the survival of the planet – then you get your ducks in a row, and try to contribute in a way that is good for everyone.

    Insanity is in my opinion what children have when they do not have a cause or purpose, but have rich parents – and they think the world is on a string, but in fact these kids have been born into a world where they need not suffer like their great grand parents did, but they throw it all away, causing chaos and trouble, thinking this is fun or insanity is O.K. yet they know not the pain their forefathers endured to keep them in a home with three square meals a day.

    Insanity soon stops when one finds themselves sleeping outside, or being persecuted for some stupid reason. In general most people’s norm is insane, if you look around you, what do you see?… death by poverty, brutality, out of control pollution, cancer diabetis, stroke heart disease, respritory problems etc. etc. and what do people want – a soft bed, easy life.

    Insanity is not something that is “out of this world” and the best way to cure insanity is to look in the mirror at yourself, take a close look at who you are, and what it is your doing in this world that we live in.

  2. Keith made a magificent, sane reply.

    I would add that it is often said that all artists and some originating scientists are in a state of mind resembling insanity when an idea comes to them. But this is to misuse words.


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