Drum Roll ::1 Month Down 3 To Go::

My life has been so hectic lately.  Even though I am taking one less class than I took last semester it still seems as if I can’t find any down time.  I’m running around from at least eight in the morning till most of the time midnight.  Even Mondays and Wednsdays are like that and on these two days I only have one 1 and1/2 hour class from 2-3.30 and thats it.  The other three days I have four classes from 9-10, 10-11, 12-1, and 3-4 but I get home exhausted and still I don’t get to bed until midnight.  What is it that I am doing that is more than last semester?  Last semester I took six classes and had so much more time. 

Well to think of a few things, I joined the book club which I must say is keeping me insane enought to be able to bear life and all its sanity.  We read a book a month and this month its ‘Sophie’s World’.  I’ve read a couple chapters and am quite interested in it.  Anyone here read it?  If so what do you think about it?

  I am also tutoring 3 second graders English.  I tutor around six hours a week.  I enjoy tutoring cuz one, its nice to have spending money on me and two, its just plain fun if you teach right and the students are wanting to learn.  Also, I am supposedly the editer of the uni’s magazine but so far I’ve only edited one issue out of the three/four that have been published since I joined the magazine.  Its a long story and I’m not about to sit and type it out.

But even though I seem to be more busy this semester I have written more in this one month and a half into the second semester than I have written in the whole of Fall semester itself.  Thanks to Amino and her amazing Fortnight Creations idea.

 Midterms are looming coming ever nearer.  As a slow unhealthy sickly looking fog rolls into a city.  Though I must say that I am quite confident about them.  I don’t seem to be taking any classes that I suck at so I think I will do well.  Classes are same ol’ same ol’ extremely boring except for one or two of them.  I guess everything is finaly falling into a ruttein which I can’t stand.  I don’t know why but following a steady rutien for the rest of your life sounds rather too dull.  Even if it wasn’t for the rest of your life it still is dull while it lasts. 


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