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An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::Labor Day::

Posted in Jordan Idiocracy on Sunday, April 30, 2006 by dragonsvamp

So this weekend turned out to my surprise to be a three day weekend instead of the usual two.  I found out about ten days ago that Labor Day is the first day of May which this year falls on Monday.  (A sidenote: here the week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday the weekends are Friday and Saturday…yeah I know weird).  And I was like cool I get Monday off.  Then I find out a couple days before the weekend that instead of taking Monday off the country has decided to take Sunday off instead. 

Why? Well first of all because then we get a three day long weekend and second because no one would show up for work on Sunday if they got Monday off.  I think this is garbage because its a National Holiday for God's sake how can they just move it a day behind just because it fell on an inconveniant day in the middle of the week?  What happens when the first of May falls on a Friday or Saturday, do they not get a day off because Labor Day fell on a weekend?

So how sanily idiotic is that? grrr…


Random ::Cool Website::

Posted in RandomVille on Thursday, April 27, 2006 by dragonsvamp

For anyone who is serious about writing Science Fiction/Fantasy/and Horror then you have got to check this website out.  Its strictly based on critiquing and being critiqued.  In order for you to get critiques for your work you have to critique other people's work.  This site is focused on the genres mentioned above.  Check it out!

Random ::30 Facts About Islam::

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30 Facts About Islam
  1) "Islam" means "peace through the submission to God".
  2) "Muslim" means "anyone or anything that submits itself to the will
of God".
  3) Islam is not a cult. Its followers number over 1.5 billion
worldwide. Along with Judaism and Christianity, it is considered to be one of
the three Abrahamic traditions.
  4) There are five pillars of practice in Islam. These practices must
be undertaken with the best of effort in order to be considered a true
Muslim: A) Shahadah – declaration of faith in the oneness of God and
that Muhammad is the last prophet of God. B) Formal prayer five times a
day. C) Fasting during the daylight hours in the month of Ramadan. D)
Poor-due "tax" – 2.5% of one's savings given to the needy at the end of
each year. E) Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once, if physically and
financially able.
  5) There are six articles of faith in Islam. These are the basic
beliefs that one must have in order to be considered a true Muslim. They
are belief in: A) the One God. B) all the prophets of God. C) the
original scriptures revealed to Prophets Moses, David, Jesus, and Muhammad. D)
the angels. E) the Day of Judgment and the Hereafter. F) the divine
decree (or destiny).
  6) Islam is a complete way of life that governs all facets of life:
moral, spiritual, social, political, economical, intellectual, etc.
  7) Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. To
become Muslim, a person of any race or culture must say a simple
statement, the shahadah, that bears witness to the belief in the One God and
that Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet of God.
  8 ) "Allah" is an Arabic word that means "God". Muslims also believe
that "Allah" is the personal name of God.
  9) Allah is not the God of Muslims only. He is the God of all people
and all creation. Just because people refer to God using different
terms does not mean that they are different gods. Spanish people refer to
God as "Dios" and French people refer to God as "Dieu", yet they are all
the same God. Interestingly, most Arab Jews and Arab Christians refer
to God as "Allah". And the word Allah in Arabic appears on the walls of
many Arab churches.
  10) The Islamic concept of God is that He is loving, merciful, and
compassionate. But Islam also teaches that He is just and swift in
punishment. Nevertheless, Allah once said to Prophet Muhammad, "My mercy
prevails over my wrath." Islam teaches a balance between fear and hope,
protecting one from both complacency and despair.
  11) Muslims believe that God has revealed 99 of His names (or
attributes) in the Holy Qur'an. It is through these names that one can come to
know the Creator. A few of these names are: the All-Merciful, the
All-Knower, the Protector, the Provider, the Near, the First, the Last, the
Hidden, and the Source of Peace.
  12) Muslims believe in and acknowledge all the prophets of old, from
Adam to Jesus. Muslims believe that they brought the message of peace
and submission (islam) to different peoples at different times. Muslims
also believe that these prophets were "Muslims" because they submitted
their wills to God.
  13) Muslims neither worship The Prophet Muhammad nor pray through
him. Muslims solely worship the unseen and Omniscient Creator, Allah.
  14) Muslims accept the original unaltered Torah (the Gospel of Moses)
and the original Bible (the Gospel of Jesus) since they were revealed
by God. However, none of those original scriptures are in existence
today, in their entirety. Therefore, Muslims follow the subsequent, final,
and preserved revelation of God, the Holy Qur'an.
  15) The Holy Qur'an was not authored by Prophet Muhammad. It was
authored by God, revealed to Prophet Muhammad, and written into physical
form by his companions.
  16) The Holy Qur'an has no flaws or contradictions. The original
Arabic scriptures have never been changed or tampered with.
  17) Actual seventh century Qur'ans, complete and intact, are on
display in museums in Turkey and many other places around the world.
  18) If all Qur'ans in the world today were burned and destroyed, the
original Arabic would still remain. This is because millions of
Muslims, called Hafiz (or "preservers") have memorized the text letter for
letter from beginning to end, every word and syllable. Also, every Muslim
in each of the five daily prayers precisely recites chapters from the
Qur'an from memory.
  19) Muslims do not believe in the concept of "vicarious atonement"
but rather believe in the law of personal responsibility. Islam teaches
that each person is responsible for his or her own actions. On the Day
of Judgment Muslims believe that every person will be resurrected and
will have to answer to God for their every word, thought, and deed.
Consequently, a practicing Muslim is always striving to be righteous.
  20) Islam is not "spread by the sword". It is spread by the word
(Islamic teachings) and the example of its followers. Islam teaches that
there is no compulsion in religion (the Holy Qur'an 2:256 and 10:99).
  21) Terrorism, unjustified violence and the killing of innocent
people are absolutely forbidden in Islam. Islam is a way of life that is
meant to bring peace to a society, whether its people are Muslim or not.
The extreme actions of those who claim to be Muslim may be, among other
things, a result of their ignorance or uncontrolled anger. Tyrant
rulers and those who commit acts of terrorism in the name of Islam are
simply not following Islam. These people are individuals with their own
views and political agendas. Fanatical Muslims are no more representative
of the true Islamic teachings than Timothy McVeigh or David Koresh are
of Christianity. Extremism and fanaticism is a problem that is common to
all religious groups. Anyone who thinks that all Muslims are terrorists
should remember that the famous boxer Muhammad Ali, perhaps the most
celebrated person of our era, is a practicing Muslim.
  22) The word "jihad" does not mean "holy war". Instead, it means the
inner struggle that one endures in trying to submit their will to the
will of God. Some Muslims may say they are going for "jihad" when
fighting in a war to defend themselves or their fellow Muslims, but they only
say this because they are conceding that it will be a tremendous
struggle. But there are many other forms of jihad, which are more relevant to
the everyday life of a Muslim such as the struggles against laziness,
arrogance, stinginess, or the struggle against a tyrant ruler or against
the temptation of Satan, or against one's own ego, etc.
  23) Women are not oppressed in Islam. Any Muslim man that oppresses a
woman is not following Islam. Among the many teachings of Prophet
Muhammad that protected the rights and dignity of women is his saying,
"…the best among you are those who treat their wives well." (Tirmidhi)
  24) Islam grants women numerous rights in the home and in society.
Among them are the right to earn money, to financial support, to an
education, to an inheritance, to being treated kindly, to vote, to a dowry,
to keep their maiden name, to worship in a mosque, etc., etc.
  25) Muslim women wear the head covering (hijab) in fulfillment of
God's decree to dress modestly. From a practical standpoint, it serves to
identify one as attempting to follow God in daily life and, therefore,
protects women from unwanted advances from men. Righteous women
throughout history have worn this type of modest dress. Prominent examples are
traditional Catholic Nuns, Mother Teresa and the Virgin Mary, mother of
  26) Arranged marriages are allowed in Islam but are not required.
Whereas "forced" marriages, usually stemming from cultural practice, are
forbidden. Divorce is permissible, however, reconciliation is what is
most encouraged. But if there are irreconcilable differences then Islam
permits a fair and just divorce.
  27) Islam and the "Nation of Islam" are two different religions.
Islam is a religion for all races and enjoins the worship of the one unseen
God who, orthodox Muslims believe, never took human form. The "Nation",
on the other hand, is a movement geared towards non-whites and teaches
that God appeared in the form of Fard Muhammad in 1930 and that Elijah
Muhammad (a man who died in 1975) was a prophet of God. These beliefs
clearly contradict the basic Islamic theology outlined in the Qur'an.
The followers of "the Nation" adhere to some Islamic principles that are
mixed with many other teachings that are alien to Islam. To better
understand the difference between the two, read about Malcolm X, his
pilgrimage to Mecca and his subsequent comments to the media. Islam teaches
equality amongst all the races (Holy Qur'an 49:13).
  28) All Muslims are not Arab. Islam is a universal religion and way
of life, which includes followers from all races of people. There are
Muslims in and from virtually every country in the world. Arabs only
constitute about 20% of Muslims worldwide. Indonesia has the largest
concentration of Muslims with over 120 million.
  29) In the five daily prayers, Muslims face the Kaaba in Mecca,
Arabia. It is a cube-shaped stone structure that was originally built by
Prophet Adam and later rebuilt by Prophet Abraham. Muslims believe that
the Kaaba was the first house of worship on Earth dedicated to the
worship of one god. Muslims do not worship the Kaaba. It serves as a central
focal point for Muslims around the world, unifying them in worship and
symbolizing their common belief, spiritual focus and direction.
Interestingly, the inside of the Kaaba is empty.
  30) The hajj is a simultaneous pilgrimage to the Kaaba made by
millions of Muslims each year. It is performed to commemorate the struggles
of Abraham, Ismail and Hagar in submitting their wills to God.
  Permission is granted to copy and distribute this pamphlet as long as
the content is not altered.
  If you post this pamphlet online, we would appreciate a link to our
homepage and a line stating:
  This pamphlet was produced by

Movies ::Pride and Prejudice::

Posted in Movie Reviews on Saturday, April 15, 2006 by dragonsvamp

prideandprejudice_releaseposter.jpgMovie: Pride and Prejudice

Cast:Keira Knightley, Matthew MacFadyen, Rosamund Pike,

Year of release: November 2005

Genre: Drama, Romance, Adaptation and Remake

Running Time: 2hours and 8minutes

Rating: PG for some mild thematic elements

Crtics’ Rating( A-

My Rating: A

Things I liked: This movie was simply breathtakingly incredible. Period.

Things I did not like: Completely N/A I just wanted to see beyond the ending like what happens next etc.

For more info: Pride and Prejudice

Movie ::Nanny McPhee::

Posted in Movie Reviews on Saturday, April 15, 2006 by dragonsvamp

nannymcphee_releaseposter.jpgMovie: Nanny McPhee

Cast:Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Angela Lansbury, Kelly MacDonald,

Year of release: January 2006

Genre: Comedy and kids/family

Running Time: 1hours and 38minutes

Rating: PG for mild thematic elements, some rude humor and brief language

Crtics’ Rating( B-

My Rating: C+

Things I liked: This movie was cute and light hearted.  Its great for kids and stuff but I personally didn't care for it.  I guess it was just too predictable.  However, its worth watching if you love kid/family movies.

Things I did not like: How at points it was just too fake.  I like it when movies even impossible ones make you feel like it could be real.

For more info: Nanny McPhee

Random ::Beyond Funny Quotes!::

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Where there’s a will there are five hundred relatives.

There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else, my salary isn’t sufficient!!

I try to go the extra mile at work, but my boss always finds me and brings me back.

They can’t fire me, slaves have to be sold.

Home is where the television is.

Before borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need more.

Death is hereditary.

Many things can be preserved in alcohol. Dignity is not one of them.

Never argue with a fool. People might not know the difference.

When you’re right, no one remembers. When you’re wrong, no one forgets.

Experience is what a comb gives you after you lose your hair.

Well done is better than well said.

Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make them when nobody is looking.

Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won’t expect it back.

You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.

I like work. It fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.

If you can’t see the bright side of life, polish the dull side.

Pessimist: A person that looks both ways when crossing a one way street.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of an approaching train.

Where there’s a will there are five hundred relatives.

I have a drinking problem – I can’t afford it.

Everyone should have a spouse, because there are a number of things that go

wrong that one can’t blame on the government.

There are three sides to every argument: your side, my side and the right side.

An expert is someone who takes a subject you understand and makes it sound confusing.

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.


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Jew Why a Jew can grow his beard in order to practice his faith

But when Muslim does the same, he is an extremist and terrorist!


Nun Why a nun can be covered from head to toe in order to devote herself to God

But when Muslimah does the same she oppressed


Western Women When a western women stays at home to look after her house and kids she is respected because of sacrificing herself and doing good for the household?

But when a Muslim woman does so by her will, they say, "she needs to be liberated"!

Muslim Women

Anything Any girl can go to university wearing what she wills and have her rights and freedom?

But when Muslimah wears a Hijab they prevent her from entering her university!


Subject When a child dedicates himself to a subject he has potential.

But when he dedicates himself to Islam he is hopeless!


Question When a Christian or a Jew kills someone religion is not mentioned, but when Muslim is charged with a crime, it is Islam that goes to trial!


Hero When someone sacrfices himself to keep others alive, he is noble and all respect him.

But when a Palestinian does that to save his son from being killed, his brother's arm being broken, his mother being raped, his home being destroyed, and his mosque being violated — He gets the title of a terrorist! Why? Because he is a Muslim!


Question When there is a trouble we accept any solution? If the solution lies in Islam, we refuse to take a look at it.


Car When someone drives a perfect car in a bad way no one blames the car.

But when any Muslim makes a mistake or treats people in a bad manner – people say "Islam is the reason"!


Newspapers Without looking to the tradition of Islam, people believe what the newspapers say.

But question what the Quran says!