An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::Paint vs. Students::

This morning (Tuesday the 4th of April) I skipped my Syntax class with my good friend Amino (yes we are evil) and we both went to chat with one of our favorite teachers, Professor Lazaward.  We chatted for about fourty-five minutes and since we both had class (her to teach and me to attend) me and Amino left a little earlier so that I would get to my class in time.  Amino walked out the office first and I followed.  I was just about to lean on the wall for some weird reason and Amino was like 'NO!' but too late.  I had a strip of white paint going vertically down my right sleave.  And I was wearing my Anne Klien jacket too.  I was about to flip then thought better of it and was like 'ahh oh well'.  The stupid idiots in the university decided that it was a good idea to paint the walls white in the middle of the school day!!!! AHHHHH what the hell were they thinking!

Amino acted quickly like the hero she is and asked the guy who was painting if he had paint thinner with him.  He answered in the positive and got us a towel/rag with some paint thinner on it.  Amino cleaned the paint off of my sleave but boy did it stink.  He told us to wait until it dried before I washed the sleave.  I had a class in like four minutes so I hurried to class.  Ten minutes later I was about to suffocate.  It stank sooooo bad and the class room was warm and stuffy (the weather outside was cold and rainy so the windows were closed and the heaters were blasting on high and everyone had stinking perfum on and of course my sleave smelled horrible enough for the guy who was sitting next to me to move a seat down)  Ten more minutes and I couldn't take it any more.  I finally asked the teacher if I could leave and she let me after I explained my reason.

Finally my sleave got dry and I washed it but it still had a faint smell of petrol on it.

 Later that afternoon I went to the language center and on the glass sliding doors was a paper with the waring 'Beware of Paint' written on it.  I just couldn't help laughing.

 All in all it was one hell of an unpleasent experiance.


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