An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::Disgusting:

Yesterday I agreed with a friend of mine (Amanda) to meet up at the Language Center (a building dedicated to teach foriegners Arabic) to study for our upcoming arabic test.  We met up at one and the test was going to be at three.  Anyways Amanda was there earlier than me and was sitting with a half Danish half Arab girl and two other Arab girls. 

One of the two Arab girls asked Amanda casually 'So, why are you studying this disgusting…umm…beautiful language.'  Amanda's main reason for coming the Jordan from Texas was to learn Arabic.  So was the Danish girl's reason. 

Amanda replied by saying that when she had first heard this language she fell in love with it and thought it was the most beautiful language ever created.  After Amanda was done talking, I shook my head and said more to myself, Amanda, and the Danish girl, 'Its a shame.  Its a shame.'

I honestly believe it is a shame when someone calls their own native language 'disgusting'.  How shameful.

Anyways the girl heard me and was like 'Ana ma bas'mahh'lick' (or 'I don't allow you') and I pretty much chewed her head off.  I told her frankly and a little bit rudely that I believe it was a huge shame for someone to call their language disgusting and I told her that she had no right to 'allow' me or not cuz I was going to say what I wanted.  And I didn't care what she thought at all.  I have a right to my opinions and my opinion was that its a shame. 

She tried to defend herself by saying something along the lines of saying what she said cuz the lango is hard but I didn't let her and in the end she shut up and fumed.  She had no right to say what she had said.  I would look down upon anyone who concidered their native language 'diesgusting' even if their native language was pig latin!

I don't think I was ever this rude in my life to a complete stranger but I was really angry.

And thats the problem here.  Most people feel it degrading to speak in their native language (Arabic).  I think the opposite.  Fine learn as many languages you want but never look down upon your native language. 

It is a huge SHAME.


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  1. I wish the world’s current events, my countries idiot ruling body, and all that had not screwed up the Arab world so much. I still choose to see the good side of it, the side I read about in The Alchemist………..

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