An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::Labor Day::

So this weekend turned out to my surprise to be a three day weekend instead of the usual two.  I found out about ten days ago that Labor Day is the first day of May which this year falls on Monday.  (A sidenote: here the week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday the weekends are Friday and Saturday…yeah I know weird).  And I was like cool I get Monday off.  Then I find out a couple days before the weekend that instead of taking Monday off the country has decided to take Sunday off instead. 

Why? Well first of all because then we get a three day long weekend and second because no one would show up for work on Sunday if they got Monday off.  I think this is garbage because its a National Holiday for God's sake how can they just move it a day behind just because it fell on an inconveniant day in the middle of the week?  What happens when the first of May falls on a Friday or Saturday, do they not get a day off because Labor Day fell on a weekend?

So how sanily idiotic is that? grrr…


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  1. I just wrote a new poem on my blog that you may enjoy. I didn’t think it was that great but the two people who have read it seem to think so. (the 2 on my blog) Of course my other friends liked it. It isn’t as long as my story. 🙂

  2. I KNOW!
    its totally stupid! It is a National Holiday and I hate the way they just happen to change these holidays so they’d fit in with the weekends… URGHH

    I was making fun of it with my friend the other day, It might happen to Eid El Mawledd El Nabawi El Shareef to be pushed forward or pulled behind to get the three day holiday. TOTALLY Shtoopees…

    *lurking around Dragonsvamp*

    thanks again for being such a loyal reader!

    See Ya Around.

  3. Lordess,

    is that you in Erin’s photo with Afnaan?!?! hehehehe — I got to see you, I got to see you!

    LOL — Silleh Meh,
    When they’ll be leaving?
    They stayed for a while!
    and I know the people
    who they stayed over with…

    does Afnan’s lastname happens to be Daoud?

    omar, AGAIN!

  4. yup that is me in Erin’s blog photo and no Affnan’s last name is not Daoud cuz my last name is not Daoud. You might wonder why that would be relevent but it is very relevent cuz Affnan is my SISTER! lol Im sure you didn’t see that coming…*wink…i know i know evil me*

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