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Drum Roll Please ::Finals Prt 2::

Posted in My University Life on Saturday, May 27, 2006 by dragonsvamp

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 Well the two weeks are soon to run out and I have the list of finals dates right here!

1. May 30: a. Arabic 101 for Non Arabic Speakers  Final

                b. Registration for summer semester

2. May 31: a. BDay of someone I know

                b. Syntax Final

3. June 3: French 1 Final

4. June 5: England 1 Final

5. June 7: Drama Final (LAST FINAL AND IM DONE WITH YEAR #1!)

6. June 9: I turn 18 (eeeek!)

Add to that the part time job I have…boy am I booked so if you don't hear from me anytime before the ninth (which I doubt will happen) then you know why….


Album ::Closer Than Veins::

Posted in Music Review on Friday, May 26, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Album: Closer Than Veins

Band/Singer: Outlandish


1.                  Introspective

2.                  Any Given Time

3.                  Look Into My Eyes

4.                  Just Me

5.                  Kom Igen

6.                  Nothing Left To Do

7.                  Beyond Words

8.                  Words Stuck To Heart

9.                  Raggeda

10.              Callin’ You

11.              Sakeena

12.              I’ve Seen

13.              Una Palabra

14.              I only Ask of God

15.              Appreciatin’

Genre: Rap/Hip-hop

Release:  December 2005

Previous Albums/Songs: Bread and Barrels of Water

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Comments: This is the long awaited album from Outlandish.  Finally, after two years waiting ‘Closer Than Veins’ was released.  Frankly, I was disappointed with this album.  The band had calmed down considerably and this shows from how toned down the tracks are.  In the first album ‘Bread and Barrels of Water’ Outlandish seemed to be angry and therefore their tracks were more emotional.  I think the only reason I was disappointed was because I was expecting something much better than their first album.  But if I had listened to this album without knowing of the first album, which also means I would not have had as high of an expectation, I would love it more than I do.

However, there are some songs on here that are a must hear.  I absolutely love the following songs in order of preference: 1. Kom Igen, 2. Any Given Time, 3. Raggeda, 4. Callin’ You, 5. I’ve Seen

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Kom Igen video:  Click here

Album ::Bread and Barrels of Water::

Posted in Music Review on Thursday, May 25, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Album: Bread and Barrels of Water

Band/Singer: Outlandish


1.      Introduction

2.      Guantanamo

3.      Peelo

4.      Walou

5.      Aicha

6.      Gritty

7.      Interlude

8.      If Only

9.      Fatima’s Hand

10.  El Moro

11.  Eyes Never Dry

12.  A Donkey Named Cheeta

13.  Dirty Dirty East

14.  Life is a Loom

15.  Bumpy (bonus track)

16.  Guantanamo (remix)

17.  Aicha (remix)

Genre: Rap/Hip-hop

Release:  2003

Previous Albums/Songs: N/A

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Comments: This album is a must have.  All the songs are just awesome and miraculous.  The languages used in this album are mainly English, and then a little bit of Spanish, Moroccan Arabic, and Urdu.  Outlandish should fall under their own genre in my opinion.  It’s simply a stunning piece of art!

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 Walou video: Click here

An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::Cat-Fight in Class Prt 2::

Posted in Jordan Idiocracy on Tuesday, May 23, 2006 by dragonsvamp

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Well come to find out the girl that got beat up had no recolection of getting beat up as badly as it actually was (if that makes any sense).  Anyways the girls figured out everything between themselves and a week later girl A came up in class and made a formal appology to the class for her ill behavior.  That was it.  She only got a slap on the hand and a lecture.  I can't believe it.  If we were in america she would have been suspended or kicked out of the university and girl b would most likely have sued her.  It was just weird.  Anyways just wanted to give an update and now that thats done I'll kindly get off. lol.

Drum Roll Please ::Foreign Students Conference & Exhibition Part 2::

Posted in My University Life on Monday, May 22, 2006 by dragonsvamp

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Ok so where did I leave off in part one?  Ahh yes with the closing of day one of the whole event.  On Wednesday I was not able to check it out but I found out on Thursday that the Organizers of the Conference (the admins) had a fit on Wednesday because no one was attending the conferences and everyone was going and checking out the exhibition.  So in the afternoon the Conference got permission to shut down the exhibition.  And they were not friendly while they did it.  They forced everyone out of the exhibition room as if there was a fire breathing dragon chasing them.  Then after the room was evacuated the security people threw everything that was on the tables in a huge pile on the floor.  And some things went inexplicably missing.  Also, many things got broken and ruined.  One of the stalls even contained things from their country's museums (I think it was Oman) and those were mistreated as well.  So the exhibition got shut down after only one and a half days.  It was supposed to stay open till Thursday evening.  I am sure that still nobody showed up for the conference even after they had gotten rid of their 'competitor'.

Movies ::The Village::

Posted in Movie Reviews on Saturday, May 20, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Movie: The Village

Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody, William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver

Year of release: July 2004

Genre: Drama, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Thriller

Running Time: 1hours and 48minutes

Rating: PG-13

Crtics’ Rating( C+

My Rating: B

Comments: Even though the storyline and plot in this movie are very simple it is well worthy and a must watch.  I just absolutly love it.

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Drum Roll Please ::Election Day::

Posted in My University Life on Friday, May 19, 2006 by dragonsvamp

So on Thursday the 18th of May was the election day for the student council at the University.  Its weird because the head of the student council and 50% of the council is not chosen by the election but by the university itself.  So whoever votes on this day they are just voting for half of the council members.  And no one knows what the students running in this election are working towards.  They all say something along the lines of 'Once I win I'll figure out our goals.'  How stupid is that?

Also as one of my friends said, 'Its a popularity contest. Excersize your right and DON'T VOTE!'  So I excersized my right and didn't vote but I did get a bunch of cool pics while I was there….

Amino and Me 

The English Convorsation Club…This is where native english speakers such as myself would volunteer and help the students out with spoken english. I'm choking my buddy Amanda.  The names I know are Kelle(the lady standing behind me in purple with her hands up in the air. she is the professor in charge of the convo club), Sabreen (the one leaning on me with the white scarf. she is Kelle's daughter), Amanda, and Hamza (the guy to the right wearing blue), the rest are the students that come to practice their english!

 This was the first picture I took upon entering the university from the North Gate.  Those papers contain begging pleas to people to vote for them.  Thats the Tarbeah Department which I believe translates to something like the 'Education and training dept' or something similar.

 Garbage on the floor

People going in and out of the voting rooms in the Humanities Department 

 Luma, Amino, and myself

 The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences…more banners and papers telling you to vote.