Random ::Update::

My loyal readers I am sure you are all wondering what's going on with me.  I haven't been posting anything decent (i.e. my own work) for a long time now but never fear some stuff is going to be posted soon!  The problem is I just finished from my mad rush of midterms and I just started a new part time job two weeks ago working at a bookstore! (yippy…literally).  And add to that the three kids I tutor (around five to six hours a week total) and the five classes I am taking in the university and the critiques I have to make on critters.org are leaving me no time to do anything but flop down on the couch or bed everytime I have a moment with nothing to do.  Actually I never have a moment with nothing to do because I always have something to do be it homework (which reminds me I still haven't done the Syntax assignment that is due yesterday) or reading or thinking.  Hell I don't even have time to think anymore.  I am just a zombie going about a schedual…well soon once this semester finishes the schedual should change a bit.  And I hope I will have more time to post such important stuff (i.e. like this post) then.

 Anywho, I am going to be posting up a couple (three to be exact)of movie reviews… I just saw one that is of about half an hour ago made my top ten list and its pretty up there!  You, my loyal reader, will just have to wait and see (in other words have patiance) cuz I am not gonna name the movie on here.  It'll just ruin the fun! *insert evil snicker here*

So ttyls for now I'm off to work on my movie reviews!


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