An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::Cat-Fight in Class::

My last school day of the week, Thursday, was going pretty normal until I went to my Arabic 101 class at three.  It was normal in the begining.  All of us chatting and whispering and passing around notes (yes we are Uni students) while the teacher was explaining something about feminizing a word in the arabic lango and what we have to do to get the word in its feminine form.  When all of a sudden a girl behind me started yelling at the girl who sat at least five seats away.  This girl (from now on she is termed as A) stood up and started cussing(with the F and B words) and threatening the other girl (girl B) and cut the teacher short of his explanation.  I was lost everyone of us were staring in shock.  Girl A was threatening to beat up girl B and girl B was shocked and thinking this was all a big joke or something.  The teacher was yelling at girl A to sit down.

So the convo/fight went on something similar to this…

Girl A: 'Shut up girl or I'll slap you.'

Girl B: 'What? Are you serious'

Girl A: 'You wanna fight?  I'm gonna *bleep*ing beat you up.'

Girl B: (still seated and looking up as if this is so not happening) 'Girl sit down your looking stupid.'

And in between their small chat the teacher was telling girl A to sit down.  All of a sudden girl A lunged at B and started punching her.  The guys and gals around us jumped up to try and pull the girls apart but the teacher was the one that finally did.  Girl A was not hurt at all because girl B was only trying to defend herself and not trying to hurt Girl A.  But girl B got a black eye, a cut lip, a scraped elbow, and got kicked by girl A in the gut sooooo hard that she peed on herself.  It was a destressing sight.  And I was so confused.  What had happened to get girl A so angry?

The teacher made girl A sit in the front of the class and asked for a blank piece of paper which a student promptly gave him.  He started to write something on the paper.  All of us were in shocked silence.  Then the teacher looked up and told the class, 'I give you five minutes to solve this problem between you guys and if you don't in those five minutes this is going to the head.'  The rule for fighting in the Uni is like being kicked out of the uni for a semester or something and if it is done again then the person who began the fight gets expelled.

Right after the teacher said that.  The door to the classroom opened and a guy stood at the doorway.  Girl A jumped up and went to him huging him and she seemed to be crying.  I assumed the guy was her boyfriend (but turned out to be her brother) who then put his arm around her and took her outside of the classroom.  She must have messaged him while the teacher was writing the paper.  The teacher went after them telling them that they can't leave or something and told us to sit in the classroom.  Girl B had lost one of her contact lenses and finally found it and was busy putting it back in.  she was putting up a very brave face.  She didn't break down and cry at all and was still confused as to why she had just gotten beat up.  She was a mess.  Her hair was everywhere (a whole bunch of it rested on the floor for girl A had ripped it off of her head) and her pants were wet, her eye was red and she was bleeding.  But she was still brave and said she wanted this matter to rest.  If I were her I would have done everything and anything possible to get back at girl A.

Girl B was trying really hard to get ahold of one of her family members but she had forgotten her cell at home and was borrowing a friends and she couldn't get through to anyone.

So one thing led to another and the teacher ran back and forth from outside the classroom where I assumed girl A was at and the classroom itself.  It seems as though the teacher had had enough and was gonna go tell the people in charge…the Ameed which I think translates to Deen but I am not sure.  And so he took them with him.  And left us innocent witnesses to wonder what we were supposed to do.

I found out later that the whole fight had started from something so silly.  The teacher had told us to do something with our text book (yes I was not paying attention) and Girl B said in a joking way to girl A who sat at lest five empty seats away from her, 'Don't cheat from my book!'.  That's all.  That stupid little sentance that was only said jokingly totally blew girl A up.

I never thought I would live to see such a day.  For God's sake we are college students.  This kind of thing might happen in high school but not in Uni!

I hope everything gets fixed soon and I really feel sorry for girl B.  I know her a little bit from a Democracy and Human Rights class we had taken together last semester.  I pray that she is ok cuz she sure did not look good when we left.

 Sidenote: This might be irrelevent but girl B was born and raised in California and girl A lived in America for a few years at least.  Actually I think she was born and raised there too but I'm not quite sure.  But both are originally from the Middle East.


4 Responses to “An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::Cat-Fight in Class::”

  1. Wow, interesting day huh? Proves that many people can get riled up for no reason at all, especially for the wrong reasons. Girl B was being “the better man” (errrr girl) but, with the bigger man philosophy, you always get the barrel of the gun so to speak. At least you get to be content in the fact that you held up your moral beliefs………

    In better news, glad it wasn’t you cause I think you would show girl A a thing or two! lol

  2. silveraminoacid Says:


    She practically chewed off the girl’s head because of a joke! That’s… weird… and you call this “cat-fight”! If this is a cat fight, i don’t wanna see what a real fight is like!

  3. I love this site. Good work…

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