Random ::Life and Death::

What are you supposed to do or actually what are you supposed to feel when someone tells you that by a simple normal everyday action of yours you saved their life?  No not figuratively, literally saved their life? 


5 Responses to “Random ::Life and Death::”

  1. Say, “Wow! Really? I think that means that you owe me a life debt!”

  2. Mhmmm,
    kinda hard to answer…

    I’d get really full of myself,
    and I’d be a total jerk. LOL
    I guess — Never been in this position


  3. well the way i have reacted was by keeping on thinking to myself ‘What if i had not done it? What if I had not pressed the resend button on my cell?’ That is what is still going through my brain. I am really happy that I did do it but it freaks me out that I was just lucky to have done it at the right time in the right place.

  4. Well, I have no idea what to do because I don’t know the situation. I can however offer you the advice of a Universal Adventurer/Hero, “What do you mean? I do this kind of thing routine every day. Stopping megalomaniacs with nukes, saving people from burning buildings, the occasional life saving cell message, it’s all part of the job title.”

    We really have that problem of people becoming obsessed with us doing that sort of thing and there are many methods to use to get out of it in our handbook. lol (not that I have a handbook, yet…….)

    Oh, that goes with My Grand Dream of being a Universal Adventurer, so don’t take me literally, yet…………..(insert evil laughter here)

  5. oh, also, I have an idea if you really want to read some of my greatest posts. every now and then I will post a link to one on your blog so you can easily find it. You don’t have to or anything, I won’t be insulted because I understand how uni is and the fact that some of my ideas and thoughts are a bit brain racking, or reatarded for some, lol. Just tell me and I will post one like every few days so you can view the inner depths of my mind. Hope that whole 10% A thing works out, I know I was pissed when the scantron messed up two answers on one of our tests. 97 is not a 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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