Drum Roll Please ::Finals, quizes, and the last minute shabang!::

So finally it's the end of the spring semster and the end of the first year of college as we know it.  But what is going on?  Two weeks left till all classes are finished and all of a sudden we are bombarded with last minute quizes, assignments,  bonus homework, and reports/essays.  Why couldn't the teachers give us all this spread out evenly throughout the semester?  Why all of it now in the last two weeks??  Are they trying to give us heart attacks before we start taking our finals?  I am so totally beyond stressed out right now. Man whats up with this freakin country and university?

Add to that all the stuff thats been going on in my personal life including my part time job and my tutoring…boy do I have a headache!

Lol its time for me to stop complaining and get to work on a decent post!


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