Drum Roll Please ::Foreign Student Conference and Exhibition Tues. May 9th-11th::

Last Tuesday I attended the opening of a three day Foreign Student Conference and Exhibition at JU.  It was cool kinda.  I tagged along after one of the organizers and got to see the Minister of Education who I found out was surrounded by guards because no body liked him(but thats another story).  The prime minister was supposed to attend and even though he had confirmed that he was going to show up he sent the Minister of Edu instead and formal appologized for not being able to come.  It's obvious he doesn't really care about his people (but thats also another story).

The exhibition which was organized and funded for by a handful of students (one of whom i bugged as i tagged along) and was a great success.  The Conference on the other hand was organized by the admin or someone of the sort and was a total desaster…I'll get to that part later. 

When I arrived at the Deanship building at ten the only people around were the ones busy getting all the stalls ready.  There were stalls from all over the middle east and even farther. There were stalls for Palastine, Yeman, Oman, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria, Chechnya, Thailand, and many more that I can't even remember.  All the stalls contained information about the culture in that country.  Even some countries got stuff from their museums to put on display.  The people looking after the stalls dressed up in their native cultural attire and they had put out samples of their food and music out for all to eat and listen to.  It was so cool.  The exhibition was supposed to be opened at eleven thirty when the conference was let out.  But it seems as though the conference was very busy so the students didn't get out of there until after twelve.  When they finally did let the students out it was chaos.  Everything that had been so minutely organized went into disarrey.  The students were just too many for the handful of volunteers and organizers to controle.

 And eventhough it was chaotic and stuff it was fun to go run around and tell see the organizer I was following try to create some form of organization to the mob of curious students.   Then a few hours later I guess the conference regrouped and started again.  It was a kind of open forum.  The foreign students would address their problems with the university to three important(?) people (i have no idea who they were) and those three old guys would reply.  I sat in for about ten minutes total to rest my sore feet and did not want to see the inside of the amphitheater again.  The students would lay out their problem and the important guys would beat about the bush and not answer or address the problem or even they denied that there was a problem to begin with.  How very unhelpful.

Anyways after that there was to be a lunch/dinner at four oclock at the university restaurant.  The organizer I was bugging tried to get me an invitation (cuz I kinda helped out) but couldn't get it.  I was not really hungry anyways and told the organizer to just go ahead and eat.  That was when the organizer found out that everyone who had been invited had brough along with them a friend or two.  Added to all the problems of the day this was like the last straw.  I still didn't get to see the inside of the university restaurant but I sure heard all about how mad the organizer was about it.

All in all it was a very interesting day.  Comming soon will be the information of how the whole thing got ruined the next day…thats later though I'm now off to watch Alias.


3 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Foreign Student Conference and Exhibition Tues. May 9th-11th::”

  1. sounds like the melting pot is boiling over again…….

    At least I haven’t been burned yet lol!

  2. You could have told us about that before, Kloude!

    I hate you!

    It sounds pretty interesting,
    now tell us how did things got ruined?!
    You’re using the Lostology!

    Too much Alias for you makes you do that to us,
    *turns off Alias*

    Erin left, right? I dunno why I feel Sad. I barely knew her! LOL

  3. I’ll have part two up soon…no she is leaving in a few hours though…i’m feeling much sadder

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