Random ::Surprisingly Miracles Do Happen Here::

On Monday afternoon I was trying to catch a cab to go to my mom's bridal store where I was to meet up with a friend.  I stood in front of some stores and there was a white old run down but well taken care of car next to me with an old man sitting obviously waiting for someone.

After five minutes passed I moved away from the car but still had no luck in getting a cab.  A couple minutes later the same white car passed by me and stopped right next to me.  There was who I assume was the old man's daughter in the passenger seat.  She looked up at me and asked through the open window, 'Would you like us to drop you off somewhere?'

I smiled and was very tempted to do so but decided against it.  They seemed such nice people.  I shook my head and told her I was going to catch a taxi and I thanked them alot.  She then asked again and asked where it was exactly I was going.  I told her and she looked to her dad who told her that they were going in that direction and I could get dropped off somewhere very close to my destination.

I thanked them and told them that I would wait for a cab.  I was really really tempted to go with them and I really really appreciate that they even thought of helping me out.  This shows that there are actually some good people out there who are conciderate and friendly.  Its just you have to look a little harder and you are bound to find them in the shadows somewhere.  This experiance will never leave me and when I leave Jordan, InshaAllah, I will look back at this experiance with fondness.  But for now I will try not to think so harshly of the people here.


3 Responses to “Random ::Surprisingly Miracles Do Happen Here::”

  1. that sounds very nice. one time our car broke down. first two joggers helped move it off the road. next a cop took us to the station so we could make a call. I never crack jokes about cops or joggers to this day.

  2. I just finished a post on my blog that contains links to some of my old stuff, mostly what I deemed most important, so take a look if you want. I think there is one you already read that you left a very nice comment on, but I forgot it lol. Have a nice weekend D-vamp. (I would call you DV, but one of my friends is DT, so I’ll use D-vamp,lol)

  3. ok will check it out sometime this weekend…right now im off to tutoring…fun fun…

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