Drum Roll Please ::Election Day::

So on Thursday the 18th of May was the election day for the student council at the University.  Its weird because the head of the student council and 50% of the council is not chosen by the election but by the university itself.  So whoever votes on this day they are just voting for half of the council members.  And no one knows what the students running in this election are working towards.  They all say something along the lines of 'Once I win I'll figure out our goals.'  How stupid is that?

Also as one of my friends said, 'Its a popularity contest. Excersize your right and DON'T VOTE!'  So I excersized my right and didn't vote but I did get a bunch of cool pics while I was there….

Amino and Me 

The English Convorsation Club…This is where native english speakers such as myself would volunteer and help the students out with spoken english. I'm choking my buddy Amanda.  The names I know are Kelle(the lady standing behind me in purple with her hands up in the air. she is the professor in charge of the convo club), Sabreen (the one leaning on me with the white scarf. she is Kelle's daughter), Amanda, and Hamza (the guy to the right wearing blue), the rest are the students that come to practice their english!

 This was the first picture I took upon entering the university from the North Gate.  Those papers contain begging pleas to people to vote for them.  Thats the Tarbeah Department which I believe translates to something like the 'Education and training dept' or something similar.

 Garbage on the floor

People going in and out of the voting rooms in the Humanities Department 

 Luma, Amino, and myself

 The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences…more banners and papers telling you to vote.


2 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Election Day::”

  1. Nice photos! Glad to finally see what it is like there. I would do the same but I have to remain “undocumented” and sadly you may find my home a bit……..bland. Well I guess if you don’t know what they support you can’t be blamed for votng in someone bad knowingly. Oh wait, that may be just as bad…….

    “I have a ballot. It says, “I vote for thee.” Therefore you can figure out who it is yourselves candidates.”

  2. LOL I’m so glad I don’t have to see all that garbage all over the place again… it was so bad in the architecture department. Total waste of paper.

    Say hey to Amino for me. Hugs and headpats! 😛


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