Drum Roll Please ::Foreign Students Conference & Exhibition Part 2::

To read part one cLICK HERe

Ok so where did I leave off in part one?  Ahh yes with the closing of day one of the whole event.  On Wednesday I was not able to check it out but I found out on Thursday that the Organizers of the Conference (the admins) had a fit on Wednesday because no one was attending the conferences and everyone was going and checking out the exhibition.  So in the afternoon the Conference got permission to shut down the exhibition.  And they were not friendly while they did it.  They forced everyone out of the exhibition room as if there was a fire breathing dragon chasing them.  Then after the room was evacuated the security people threw everything that was on the tables in a huge pile on the floor.  And some things went inexplicably missing.  Also, many things got broken and ruined.  One of the stalls even contained things from their country's museums (I think it was Oman) and those were mistreated as well.  So the exhibition got shut down after only one and a half days.  It was supposed to stay open till Thursday evening.  I am sure that still nobody showed up for the conference even after they had gotten rid of their 'competitor'.


2 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Foreign Students Conference & Exhibition Part 2::”

  1. Uhhh……..all I can say is……..(insert evil laughter here with an exclamation point!)

  2. Also, Part III of Anthropologist Surprise is up if you want to read it. You read parts I and 2 so I thought you may want to know.

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