Album ::Bread and Barrels of Water::

Album: Bread and Barrels of Water

Band/Singer: Outlandish


1.      Introduction

2.      Guantanamo

3.      Peelo

4.      Walou

5.      Aicha

6.      Gritty

7.      Interlude

8.      If Only

9.      Fatima’s Hand

10.  El Moro

11.  Eyes Never Dry

12.  A Donkey Named Cheeta

13.  Dirty Dirty East

14.  Life is a Loom

15.  Bumpy (bonus track)

16.  Guantanamo (remix)

17.  Aicha (remix)

Genre: Rap/Hip-hop

Release:  2003

Previous Albums/Songs: N/A

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Comments: This album is a must have.  All the songs are just awesome and miraculous.  The languages used in this album are mainly English, and then a little bit of Spanish, Moroccan Arabic, and Urdu.  Outlandish should fall under their own genre in my opinion.  It’s simply a stunning piece of art!

For more information cLICK HERe.

 Walou video: Click here


One Response to “Album ::Bread and Barrels of Water::”

  1. I second that. I am however more of a unique music guy. (meaning I like certain things from certain generes) I think this could be one of my favs. Have you ever heard of They Might Be Giants? I won’t go into it though, lol.

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