Album ::Closer Than Veins::

Album: Closer Than Veins

Band/Singer: Outlandish


1.                  Introspective

2.                  Any Given Time

3.                  Look Into My Eyes

4.                  Just Me

5.                  Kom Igen

6.                  Nothing Left To Do

7.                  Beyond Words

8.                  Words Stuck To Heart

9.                  Raggeda

10.              Callin’ You

11.              Sakeena

12.              I’ve Seen

13.              Una Palabra

14.              I only Ask of God

15.              Appreciatin’

Genre: Rap/Hip-hop

Release:  December 2005

Previous Albums/Songs: Bread and Barrels of Water

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Comments: This is the long awaited album from Outlandish.  Finally, after two years waiting ‘Closer Than Veins’ was released.  Frankly, I was disappointed with this album.  The band had calmed down considerably and this shows from how toned down the tracks are.  In the first album ‘Bread and Barrels of Water’ Outlandish seemed to be angry and therefore their tracks were more emotional.  I think the only reason I was disappointed was because I was expecting something much better than their first album.  But if I had listened to this album without knowing of the first album, which also means I would not have had as high of an expectation, I would love it more than I do.

However, there are some songs on here that are a must hear.  I absolutely love the following songs in order of preference: 1. Kom Igen, 2. Any Given Time, 3. Raggeda, 4. Callin’ You, 5. I’ve Seen

For more information cLICK HERe.

Kom Igen video:  Click here


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