Drum Roll Please ::Finals Prt 2::

To see what I wrote in the post titled 'Drum Roll Please ::Finals:: ' cLICK HERe

 Well the two weeks are soon to run out and I have the list of finals dates right here!

1. May 30: a. Arabic 101 for Non Arabic Speakers  Final

                b. Registration for summer semester

2. May 31: a. BDay of someone I know

                b. Syntax Final

3. June 3: French 1 Final

4. June 5: England 1 Final

5. June 7: Drama Final (LAST FINAL AND IM DONE WITH YEAR #1!)

6. June 9: I turn 18 (eeeek!)

Add to that the part time job I have…boy am I booked so if you don't hear from me anytime before the ninth (which I doubt will happen) then you know why….


10 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Finals Prt 2::”

  1. Happy soon to be b-day! Watch that 18th though, it can be a bitch. (as many graduating seniors have found out this year) My B-day was named after some holy saint…….I think it starts with a V, but I’m not sure anymore. As far as I care it is just another day of the year.

  2. yeah thats how it is with me…i don’t even celebrate my bday its just another day that comes and goes…

  3. Good luck with your finals Kloude!

    AWESOME new layout…I absolutely LURVE IT!!!

    gotta keep it up ’til it’s due! 😀


  4. I had another dream, but this time its a bit more plausible. Anyways, a shortened version, basically we were talking on the phone about some writing contest. You also had some cool music playing. Do you have any writing contest related stuff? Just wondering cause it was another of those dreams.

  5. Interesting…hmm the only writing contests i know of are already finished. Anything related to writing contest stuff that i have is the one poem you like which had won a writing contest last year ‘The Boy Warrior’. Other than that I don’t know much about writing contests. BTW what kind of music did i have on? *curious to see if you got my music style right*

    Its kinda cool having ppl i have never met dream about me.

  6. Hmmm, well its hard to remember. It was just music, no songs or anything. It was this cool beat that kept playing through my head. I think it was kinda techno/house whatever, but then again it wasn’t. Sadly I forgot it shortly after I woke up even though it was stuck in my head for at least 3 mins. while I was groggily trying to make a toster stroodle. mmmm……..blueberry.

    Now that I think about it, we were trying to start a writing contest cause you were bored or something.

  7. LOL im always bored…

  8. Of course I am misanthropic! You found that in common in the first post you read on my blog located here, http://reaper.iblogs.com/2006/01/31/my-feelings-lately/#comments

    Is that early dementia and short term memory loss I sense? (just kidding, lol)

  9. Happy early 18th birthday, Kloude!! (or belated birthday, whichever you prefer) and good luck with your finals…

  10. Hey, mabrouq on being close to finishing! I know what that feels like 😉

    Also, I like the new design of your page here, it’s pretty awesome!

    Much love and hugs,


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