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Book Review ::The Supernaturalist::

Posted in Book Reviews on Friday, June 30, 2006 by dragonsvamp

The SupersnaturalistTitle: The Supernaturalist

Series:  None

Author: Eoin Colfer

Pages: 272

Cost: $7.99

My Rating: B

Comment: This book is really good.  Eoin Colfer has not lost his touch and has proven that he still has it in him.  I really enjoyed reading this and the twists and turns kept on coming to the point where you didn’t know what to expect.  Though it was somewhat predictable these twists and turns made you unsure whether what you predicted is going to happen or not. A great read!


Drum Roll Please ::First Day of Summer Semester::

Posted in My University Life on Sunday, June 25, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Well the first day came and went already.  During the summer break I kinda got sick of it and was actually looking forward to University.   It wasn't that bad.  I went to the Uni at 8.30 and met up with a friend who showed up late because of sleeping in.  Then I went to my first class which was at 10.20 till 11.20; 'Basic Writing'.  The teacher who came in at first scared me because he seemed like the kind of Arab who would not know a lick of English.  He was older and scruffy looking.  He didn't really give us much because it was only the first day and more than half the class number hadn't even shown up.  There were a lot of pauses in the class where the teacher and students were twiddling their thumbs.  He tried to lighten up the mood by saying a few stupid lame jokes that no one got.  And he got into a small argument with a student about whether a certain sentence he had written on the board was semantically correct.

The sentance was: 'The colorless green ideas slept furiously'. 

The teacher didn't believe that it had a meaning and the student was adamant that it did.  So that was kind of fun to watch.

Then I had a break of one hour and twenty minutes before my next hour class at 12.40.  While waiting for that class I did my homework for the writing class (which was writing a paragraph about soccer) and listened to some music.  I met up with a friend and since we had classes in the same building at the same time went our ways.  My friend's teacher didn't show up so my friend came and sat in on my class which was 'Computer skills 102'. 

Thankfully the teacher teaching this course had been living the previous year in America so after class I went up to him and told him that I might not understand everything he said since I am not that good in Arabic.  He was very helpful and he said he would try his best to help me if I need any help. 

After class me and my friend went and got the text books for the classes then ran around most of the university and some of the outside of it to find some decent ice cream (which when we finally found it, wasn't all that decent) and hung out until my friend's business class which was from 3-4.  I decided to sit in on it.

Which wasn't a great idea.  It was absolutely terrible.  The business class teacher reminded me of my writing class teacher and though he kept talking about how important it was to have this class given completely in English, the professor spoke most of the time in Arabic.  My friend who is good in Arabic couldn't even understand the professor's accent.  It was very boring.  And it seems as though at one point my friend laughed quietly at something. (It turns out that my freind had been imagining slapping the professor) The professor got in a huff and seemed angry and though my friend tried to explain it the teacher couldn't understand my friend's English accent. And then my friend complained to the professor that he couldn't understand a word of what the professor was saying and that since this was supposedly a class taught in English, the professor might as well start from now. 

Another student complaind and said that my friend was a native speaker of the English language.  Which is a bunch of bologana because my friend had failed English twice before in high school.  But my friend's English has improved very much and I believe my friend could pass as a Native European speaking in English which is exactly what my friend is.

 However, it all got figured out later after the class was over.  The chairs were so hard it hurt and I was ready to leave the room ASAP (not gwen's).  But of course he was the kind of teacher who took the whole class time and didn't even give you five minutes to be able to make it in time for the next class (which we both didn't have a next class but that's beside the point).

After the class we hung out a bit longer until my mom came and picked me up.  All in all it was an interesting and tiring day.

Random ::UTO…?::

Posted in RandomVille on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 by dragonsvamp

A new word has been circling this country like wildfire.  What is this word?  Why its 'UTO' of course.  But what does it mean and why is it being used so much?  Well lets start from the beginning.

A friend of mine who moved to Jordan about three years ago coined the phrase 'Unidentifiable Talking Objects' which was abbreviated to UTO.  After the phrase was coined all my friend's friends started using it (including me).

So what does it mean? Well it pretty much is anyone (note I didn't use 'person') who isn't really human.  In other words someone who is close minded, overly (and i mean fanatically) cultural, unaccepting, unclean (as in doesn't mind littering and stuff doesn't necessarily mean that the someone themselves are dirty), and set in their ways no matter how wrong it is.  In other words it describes the average Jordanian/Arab (and no I'm not bashing them I'm just telling it as I see it).

The average Jordanian/Arab though very patriotic doesn't care about the cleanliness of their country.  They throw their garbage out their car windows.  They leave their leftover lunches and empty cans of soda on the sidewalk at the University.  In addition, I have found that most Jordanians are set in their ways (even the young ones) and are not accepting of people who are 'different'.  They shun difference and look at it as if it was some sort of cancer.  They all conform and follow one way of dressing and even thinking.

The 'Unidentafiable' part is in this word because it doesn't necessarily mean only Jordanians or Arabs.  I've actually classified an American under the UTO banner already.  Also, it's because humans talk and these things talk but they are not really humans.

I was discussing this with my friend and was like 'why don't you say Unidentifiable Smoking Objects' and after discussing it we came to the conclusion that not everyone in Jordan smokes (though the majority do) but everyone talks.  So that is where we got the 'Talking' part.

To me and my friend who coined this phrase a 'human' would care about the cleanliness of their country, would accept people who are different, and would not be fanatically cultural nor close minded.  If someone didn't meet these criteria then to us this someone is not a 'human'. Hence the whole 'Objects' part of the UTO phrase.

The thing that surprised me the most is how this word is becoming very popular among the non-UTOs.  We use it all the time now.  Be it in the form of 'Thats SO UTO' or 'Stop being a UTO' or any other form.  At first when people first would hear it they would ask what that ment.  When I explain it to them they would start using it.

At first I used to say 'Thats so Arab' when I would get mad at something.  But I know many Arabs that are totally not UTOs so by coining this phrase we are not offending one group of people and nor are we generalizing.  So all in all this friend of mine has done us all a GREAT HUGE favor.

Random ::…::

Posted in RandomVille on Sunday, June 18, 2006 by dragonsvamp

I absolutely utterly hate mosquitoes…*grumpy faced*

Movies ::The Jacket::

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Movie: The Jacket

Cast: Adrien Brody, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kelly Lynch,

Year of release: March 2005

Genre: Drama, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Thriller and Crime/Gangster

Running Time: 1hours and 43minutes

Rating: R

Crtics’ Rating( C+

My Rating: B+

Comments: This is one of those really thought provoking movies that could be a little disturbing.  Its in the same league with 'The Butterfly Effect' and 'Donnie Darko'. Though I didn't find it the least disturbing I can see how some may.  Very nice movie and something I might watch again in the near future.

For more info: click here

Movies ::V for Vendetta::

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Movie: V for Vendetta

Cast: Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea, John Hurt, Stephen Fry

Year of release: March 2006

Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Adaptation

Running Time: 2hours and 11minutes

Rating: R

Crtics’ Rating( B

My Rating: A

Comments: This was a really really good movie.  A must watch for anyone. I absolutly loved it.  I've always been a fan of the whole Guy Fox (sp?) story and how he was so close to blowing up the parlement.  This story runs along the lines of how the governments control their people and how we should not be so easily fooled.  I love the motto 'People should not be afraid of their Governments, Governments should be afraid of their people.'

For more info: click here

Random ::Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes::

Posted in RandomVille on Wednesday, June 14, 2006 by dragonsvamp

So what is it with the whole spike heels that seems to be the trend now?  How can someone wear three inch spike heels all day?  And whats more, how can they wear it all day at the university? That I believe is one of the things I will never understand.

Twelve years ago my family came and visited Jordan (1994).  We came for six months.  My mom who is a comfort fan always wore her white rebok sneakers.  We were living with my dad's family during this visit and all his sisters (the ones still living in the house) were falling over in disbelief.  First they told my mom she can't wear all black outside…it just wasn't done (but is beside the point). Then when they saw my mom wear her sneakers they were going to have heart attacks.  In a country where the trend was followed by EVERYONE someone like my mom stood out like a sore thumb.  Why because she wore the sneakers out in public when it was the trend for the women to wear heels and it just wasn't appropriate for a girl to de-feminize herself. (wearing sneakers was concidered de-feminizing…lol)

Now the matter is not so bad.  Twelve years later and its not such a tragic and rare thing anymore.  However, it isn't that popular wearing your sneakers with the 'jilbab'.  Though more and more girls are defying society and choosing comfort over those hell heels.  (Yes that is what you read 'hell' heels.  My little sister who is currently five years old called them 'hell heels' when she was around three.  She was trying to say 'high heels' but after that day 'hell heels' stuck.)  But those defyent girls are still small in number.

A great number of the girls who attend University wear hell heels.  I know for a fact that many of them are walking all over the place from one class room to another at different ends of the different faculties.  And many of the times I've seen them litterally walking very slowly (to aviod showing their limping) and get to class late because of those heels.

I just don't understand how women think here in this society.  They believe they have to look perfect in public and perfect means wearing the most horribly killer hurting heels in the world.  But WHY?  That is my question. WHY?  In the end they will benifit nothing.  Hell heels are bad for your physical well being and they really aren't worth being in pain over.  So to me I'll pass the hell heels and settle for a comfortable pair of sneakers or (heel-less) boots.