Drum Roll Please ::Finals are Finalized::

WHOA! finally all done!  I can not believe I actually lived through a WHOLE year of university already!  Its shocking how time flies by when you are not having as much fun as you deserve.  But I am FREE until June twenty fifth that is.  Two weeks of nothing to do but my part time job what will i do first?  Im hoping to get some writing done and maybe some reading. I haven't read anything decent in AGES.  Well just felt like celebrating and announcing this to the whole world: Im done Im done Im done!


12 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Finals are Finalized::”

  1. Oh, if you’re looking for some books to read, I have got two suggestions:

    “The Alchemist”

    and “Dark Lord of Derkholm”, possibly one of the most random, yet structured very diverse fantasy novel. (it isn’t your average fantasy)

    depending on how fast you read, the second book could take all of 2 weeks.

  2. If you REALLY need something to read… (Try to be ‘subtle’, Kat) there is a certain semi-chapter of something that needs some serious editing while it waits all by it’s lonesome for the rest of the chapter… unless, of course, that doesn’t suit your fancy?

  3. is dark lord of derkholm written by diane wynne jones? If so then i read it and i think it took me the better part of four days to finish. I loved it but at some points it was streched and got a tad boring. ive heard of the alchamist but haven’t read it yet…whose the author? i’ll look it up at the bookstore when i go there on monday….

    and kat if you post the semi chapter up on your blog i’ll try to read it asap…now that i have all the time in the world im trying to catch up with everything…

  4. author is Paul Coelho. I got a link to it for you on amazon.

    I don’t think the description is that great because I found TONS more stuff in that book.

    Wow, its only like 4$. Also, you must either read for long periods of time, read really fast, or both. It took me long because I ususally only read for 30mins to an hour unless it is a book like Harry Potter or Earagon.

  5. I read fast and for very long periods of time…usually three hours a day minimum but lately ive not been reading anything at all. the last three months i haven’t read anything decent….i was just really really busy.

    Everyone over here are paul coelho fanatics and that puts me off. on a scale of one to ten how would you rate it?

  6. 10! How could you think bad of a book just because some people may like it! They may not even understand it at all! I learned many things from this book, like believing in following my dreams, the universal language, and much more! It has all the characteristics of being full of the Spirit of Adventure! I haven’t read any of his other books, but you must read this!!!! I can’t stop using !!!!!!!

    BTW, please email me seriously, it can be about whatever you want about anything for whatever reason. You can have me give you my opinion, reply to your opinion on something, just talk about things like favorite books, etc.

  7. Oh, I didn’t even know it was popular actually. Over here I am the only person who has read the book, and no one knows the author’s name.


    😀 😀
    Now where’s the cake?

  9. I just got the Dark Lord of Derkholm out of the library! Yay!

    Congratulations on finishing a year of uni! Before you know it, you’ll be in third year and terrified!

  10. You still have like, three (ish) more years to go…

    Iknow, I know. “Way to dampen my spirits, the desktop”

  11. Well, no one really reads my stuff anymore. A lot of the old readers just left and the few I have left pretty much either already know most of what I have to say (thedesktop) and the others don’t really care that much because apparently everything I wrote had little effect. I have been wanting to write stuff for Amino’s magizine thing, but I don’t really know whats going on. It really sucks because if I went back over my old work I could make it really better, but since no one is reading there isn’t any reason for me to because I already know the things I write about.

    Since you asked a while ago that you would like to read a few of my posts, go to the info category and find the retro reaper post. It isn’t organized that well due to the inability of my blog to space things correctly, but you could try clicking on random stuff. I have to say however, some of my stuff would be different than it is now, so if you find any problems with it or it sounds stupid, it is because it is my early work.

  12. way to go! your done and getting to senior year is only 3 steps away from ya! go gettem vampire…

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