Random ::Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes::

So what is it with the whole spike heels that seems to be the trend now?  How can someone wear three inch spike heels all day?  And whats more, how can they wear it all day at the university? That I believe is one of the things I will never understand.

Twelve years ago my family came and visited Jordan (1994).  We came for six months.  My mom who is a comfort fan always wore her white rebok sneakers.  We were living with my dad's family during this visit and all his sisters (the ones still living in the house) were falling over in disbelief.  First they told my mom she can't wear all black outside…it just wasn't done (but is beside the point). Then when they saw my mom wear her sneakers they were going to have heart attacks.  In a country where the trend was followed by EVERYONE someone like my mom stood out like a sore thumb.  Why because she wore the sneakers out in public when it was the trend for the women to wear heels and it just wasn't appropriate for a girl to de-feminize herself. (wearing sneakers was concidered de-feminizing…lol)

Now the matter is not so bad.  Twelve years later and its not such a tragic and rare thing anymore.  However, it isn't that popular wearing your sneakers with the 'jilbab'.  Though more and more girls are defying society and choosing comfort over those hell heels.  (Yes that is what you read 'hell' heels.  My little sister who is currently five years old called them 'hell heels' when she was around three.  She was trying to say 'high heels' but after that day 'hell heels' stuck.)  But those defyent girls are still small in number.

A great number of the girls who attend University wear hell heels.  I know for a fact that many of them are walking all over the place from one class room to another at different ends of the different faculties.  And many of the times I've seen them litterally walking very slowly (to aviod showing their limping) and get to class late because of those heels.

I just don't understand how women think here in this society.  They believe they have to look perfect in public and perfect means wearing the most horribly killer hurting heels in the world.  But WHY?  That is my question. WHY?  In the end they will benifit nothing.  Hell heels are bad for your physical well being and they really aren't worth being in pain over.  So to me I'll pass the hell heels and settle for a comfortable pair of sneakers or (heel-less) boots.


3 Responses to “Random ::Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes::”

  1. This is the same ignorant BS that comes from the “man’s man” persona. Maybe this comparision will help……..(quite disturbing in my view)

    “I dressed my barbie up, beautiful she be,
    In her dress, in high heels she danced,
    I combed her hair, and slipped off that dress,
    I found underneath, a plastic lie.”

    That really disturbs me…………..I think I will go vomit now…….

  2. Don’t be worrying about your replies, I don’t care how small or what they are about, it tells me you read what I wrote. I don’t expect some long drawn out rocket science type reply.

  3. Hahaha. Ahhg I miss you. Which sister was it who so astutely titled them hell heels without intention? I miss your household. 😦 I should start working on planning my next trip out there to visit. 😛

    Have you read my paper? It might explain the whole, “who cares if I’m in pain, I have to look beautiful” thing. Ahh. Glad not to be surrounded by that now.

    *hugs* Your boots are a bajillion times cooler than their shoes, anyway. 😛

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