Random ::UTO…?::

A new word has been circling this country like wildfire.  What is this word?  Why its 'UTO' of course.  But what does it mean and why is it being used so much?  Well lets start from the beginning.

A friend of mine who moved to Jordan about three years ago coined the phrase 'Unidentifiable Talking Objects' which was abbreviated to UTO.  After the phrase was coined all my friend's friends started using it (including me).

So what does it mean? Well it pretty much is anyone (note I didn't use 'person') who isn't really human.  In other words someone who is close minded, overly (and i mean fanatically) cultural, unaccepting, unclean (as in doesn't mind littering and stuff doesn't necessarily mean that the someone themselves are dirty), and set in their ways no matter how wrong it is.  In other words it describes the average Jordanian/Arab (and no I'm not bashing them I'm just telling it as I see it).

The average Jordanian/Arab though very patriotic doesn't care about the cleanliness of their country.  They throw their garbage out their car windows.  They leave their leftover lunches and empty cans of soda on the sidewalk at the University.  In addition, I have found that most Jordanians are set in their ways (even the young ones) and are not accepting of people who are 'different'.  They shun difference and look at it as if it was some sort of cancer.  They all conform and follow one way of dressing and even thinking.

The 'Unidentafiable' part is in this word because it doesn't necessarily mean only Jordanians or Arabs.  I've actually classified an American under the UTO banner already.  Also, it's because humans talk and these things talk but they are not really humans.

I was discussing this with my friend and was like 'why don't you say Unidentifiable Smoking Objects' and after discussing it we came to the conclusion that not everyone in Jordan smokes (though the majority do) but everyone talks.  So that is where we got the 'Talking' part.

To me and my friend who coined this phrase a 'human' would care about the cleanliness of their country, would accept people who are different, and would not be fanatically cultural nor close minded.  If someone didn't meet these criteria then to us this someone is not a 'human'. Hence the whole 'Objects' part of the UTO phrase.

The thing that surprised me the most is how this word is becoming very popular among the non-UTOs.  We use it all the time now.  Be it in the form of 'Thats SO UTO' or 'Stop being a UTO' or any other form.  At first when people first would hear it they would ask what that ment.  When I explain it to them they would start using it.

At first I used to say 'Thats so Arab' when I would get mad at something.  But I know many Arabs that are totally not UTOs so by coining this phrase we are not offending one group of people and nor are we generalizing.  So all in all this friend of mine has done us all a GREAT HUGE favor.


One Response to “Random ::UTO…?::”

  1. What!? You only classified ONE American? The way you use it I could classifiy pretty much this entire region as a UTO. Your definition of human is different than mine though. I would say it is human to be set in your ways no matter how wrong, unaccepting of difference, and all the other stuff. So the way I define it, we would be UTO’s because we aren’t human, the way you define humans is more optimistic and is the opposite so we wouldn’t be UTO’s. I am far from human and consider the only thing about me human is my physical structure. That doesn’t mean I think I am a different creature, the only thing I am is me which is neither human, alien, or whatever.

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