Drum Roll Please ::First Day of Summer Semester::

Well the first day came and went already.  During the summer break I kinda got sick of it and was actually looking forward to University.   It wasn't that bad.  I went to the Uni at 8.30 and met up with a friend who showed up late because of sleeping in.  Then I went to my first class which was at 10.20 till 11.20; 'Basic Writing'.  The teacher who came in at first scared me because he seemed like the kind of Arab who would not know a lick of English.  He was older and scruffy looking.  He didn't really give us much because it was only the first day and more than half the class number hadn't even shown up.  There were a lot of pauses in the class where the teacher and students were twiddling their thumbs.  He tried to lighten up the mood by saying a few stupid lame jokes that no one got.  And he got into a small argument with a student about whether a certain sentence he had written on the board was semantically correct.

The sentance was: 'The colorless green ideas slept furiously'. 

The teacher didn't believe that it had a meaning and the student was adamant that it did.  So that was kind of fun to watch.

Then I had a break of one hour and twenty minutes before my next hour class at 12.40.  While waiting for that class I did my homework for the writing class (which was writing a paragraph about soccer) and listened to some music.  I met up with a friend and since we had classes in the same building at the same time went our ways.  My friend's teacher didn't show up so my friend came and sat in on my class which was 'Computer skills 102'. 

Thankfully the teacher teaching this course had been living the previous year in America so after class I went up to him and told him that I might not understand everything he said since I am not that good in Arabic.  He was very helpful and he said he would try his best to help me if I need any help. 

After class me and my friend went and got the text books for the classes then ran around most of the university and some of the outside of it to find some decent ice cream (which when we finally found it, wasn't all that decent) and hung out until my friend's business class which was from 3-4.  I decided to sit in on it.

Which wasn't a great idea.  It was absolutely terrible.  The business class teacher reminded me of my writing class teacher and though he kept talking about how important it was to have this class given completely in English, the professor spoke most of the time in Arabic.  My friend who is good in Arabic couldn't even understand the professor's accent.  It was very boring.  And it seems as though at one point my friend laughed quietly at something. (It turns out that my freind had been imagining slapping the professor) The professor got in a huff and seemed angry and though my friend tried to explain it the teacher couldn't understand my friend's English accent. And then my friend complained to the professor that he couldn't understand a word of what the professor was saying and that since this was supposedly a class taught in English, the professor might as well start from now. 

Another student complaind and said that my friend was a native speaker of the English language.  Which is a bunch of bologana because my friend had failed English twice before in high school.  But my friend's English has improved very much and I believe my friend could pass as a Native European speaking in English which is exactly what my friend is.

 However, it all got figured out later after the class was over.  The chairs were so hard it hurt and I was ready to leave the room ASAP (not gwen's).  But of course he was the kind of teacher who took the whole class time and didn't even give you five minutes to be able to make it in time for the next class (which we both didn't have a next class but that's beside the point).

After the class we hung out a bit longer until my mom came and picked me up.  All in all it was an interesting and tiring day.


8 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::First Day of Summer Semester::”

  1. Ahhhhh, business classes….sounds like a fairly typical business class….boring with huffy professors who won’t allow you to escape, even if it involves them rambling on about nothing important or crucial to your grade. ;P I wasn’t there, but…from my own experience with my glorious second major….geh. Business kills my creative squeaky brain. It’s good to hear that your Computer class shouldn’t be too bad, having a helpful professor and all…always a good sign. And writing…sounds like that should be a breeze for you. 😉 And I know what you mean…I’m loving being on break except for work, but right now, I feel like I should be DOING something productive…productive toward learning or something…not that I mind reading and writing all day, but having maybe one or two easy classes wouldn’t be too bad, either. I’m a bit shocked to say this, but I’m looking forward to fall semester. O_o I’ll probably take that back after my first Business Law class, but…yeah. Hehe.

    Have a great summer semester! *Hugs* Sorry the ice cream wasn’t great. Evil ice cream. O_O *Hands you a large scoop of chocolate* We had some interesting ice cream adventures in China…what with all the packages being in Chinese and pictures sometimes lying…*Head pats* I hope the classes go well! *Cheers you on*

  2. We try this again! Evil computer/internet problems.

    ANYWAY…yeah…sounds like a typical business class….boring subject matter with a mean professor who loves the sound of his or her own voice….gotta love business…it kills my creative squeaky brain…

    Ahhhh, ice cream. Sorry it wasn’t good…*hands you a large scoop of chocolate* Had some interesting ice cream adventures in China, what with our inability to read the packages and with the pictures we had to go by lying about the contents…I swear the picture was chocolate covered vanilla, not this strange…strawberry, banana, something that smell really gross concoction…

    Ooh…sounds like your computer class should be a breeze, what with the helpful professor…always a good sign. And writing…ahh…that shouldn’t be a problem at all. 😉 Must have been really amusing to see people arguing about that sentence, lol.

    Ahh, I kinda wish I had a class to take…and I will probably take that back as soon as I take my first Business Law class in fall. Although I hardly mind reading and writing during my free time, I feel like I should be doing something productive with my summer, like getting my majors over and done with sooner. Kinda can’t wait for fall semester. Not only will I not have to work so much, but I’ll have classes…though, again, one of them is business law….eeeeeeeeh.

    Anyway, you’re gonna conquer these classes no questions asked. 😉 You can make it!! *Cheers you on and gives you hugs and head pats* I hope they go well! 😀

  3. this is acting so weird…

  4. I still have a month and a few days. Have a good one on me! (if I could actually send you the money to do so)

    If you are wondering what I mean I can’t answer because I don’t know the level of dry/wet that is over there. Old joke, lol.

  5. arrrg….I wanna know why my comments aren’t working! this is weird and not nice. 😦

  6. i finally figured it out madison…your comments were going into the spam folder of this site…i have no idea why but its weird and i didn’t think to check there until just now…i should have known.  something similar happened to me on erin’s site im sure you remember it…i wrote like the same thing five times in five different posts but cuz they didn’t come up right away i thought it failed…:P

    and reaper i have no idea what you are talking about…(ps im being pretty slow now cuz ive been living off of five hours or less of sleep everyday this whole week so im like out of it) and where are you off to in a month??

  7. The answer is alcoholic beverage, next is skewl.

  8. oooooooh….I understand. 😀

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