Random ::Bowling::

Bowling is so so fun!  I used to always go out with my friends to watch a movie and stuff but I have just realized that bowling is much more fun and a little bit less expensive than watching a movie.  It lets us interact with one another while we are hanging out instead of just sitting in front of a large screen watching some show that would be shown on TV in a couple of years and a movie that might not be that great anyways.  But with bowling its completely and utterly different and much more enjoyable.  So from now on when me and my friends want to go and do stuff I’m going to suggest bowling instead of the usual movie…You all should try it out sometime. You’ll have a blast I guarantee it!


8 Responses to “Random ::Bowling::”

  1. Something I find yet again similar with you. Also leaving for an undefined amount of time, so you won’t see me most likly. Good bye only arab friend I have, gotta love the diverseness of people you know, lol.

  2. Hehe, glad you had fun. I’m a horrible bowler. 😛

  3. i totally agree bowling is much more a thriller then going and watching a stupid movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Indeed… Bowling is much more fun than a movie… even though I am the worlds worst bowler 😛
    Thank you muchly for the critique on Moonchild… no, that’s not the whole first chapter, but I’m taking a break on this particular chapter to work on later chapters until I can get over the writers block for ch 1.

  5. For me, I’d rather sit in the dark and air-conditioned room, scarfing popcorn laden with plastic imitation butter, watching a bunch of good-looking people who are paid to act out obvious plotlines. It’s more for my money, because I’m officially the worst bowler on earth, and I’ve never broken an 80.

  6. but with practice comes perfection…so the more you do it and especially if you know someone who is good at it and can teach you some tricks the better you get at it…at least thats my opinion on this

  7. Bowling is great! I’m rubbish at it, but it doesn’t stop me going every time I’m invited. You’re right about the interaction thing–my sis keeps going to the cinema with her friends, but they just go and come straight back. It’s ridiculous! Up with bowling!!

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