Random ::Noisy Neighbors and the World Cup::

This is probably more of a complaint then an article but whatever.  I don’t see why people here are so obsessed with the World Cup.  They are following it so religiously that I am loosing sleep over this whole business.  Next door is a very noisy family when it comes to the game.  I was taking a shower yesterday and could hear them screaming and yelling at the TV telling the team they want to win to do this or do that.  They were being very very noisy.  I am sure they invited all their friends from how noisy it was.

Anyway, I don’t care if they worship the games.  What I do care about is having to hear them screaming at an inanimate object at one o’clock in the morning.  Like yelling at the TV has ever helped a team win a game before. psh.

And what’s the big deal with the whole World Cup thing?  Man I didn’t know it even existed until our writing professor asked us to write about it. LOL I was like ‘Wha?’  I have always felt that sports games like soccer and basketball and hockey (and the list can go on and on) are very much like the gladiator fights and stuff they had in the Roman and Greek times.  Its just too barbaric and savage.  People are obsessing over things that have no substance, no lasting quality or meaning.

That’s my opinion in a nutshell and there you have it. Like it? Why thank you. Can’t stand it? Well tough luck my opinion is not going to change.


4 Responses to “Random ::Noisy Neighbors and the World Cup::”

  1. I’ll still comment here because, no offense, you don’t get many. And I’m your friend. I love halfas! Your half arab……..I want to be half dragon……..same thing, eh? Hybrids rock!

  2. oh, don’t tell my other friends, they don’t need to know I still read their stuff. i usually use a odd name, so from now on I will comment with a name followed by nonomous. Only you know its me, lol!

  3. lol ok will do…and i tend to call myself a cocktail or swiss cheese cuz my mom’s side has a HUGE mix of everything we tend to catagorize as american…

  4. Love your comparing the games to Roman and Greek times.. It is so true..
    Watch out reaper you may be facing some compation with the comments.
    And yeah being a cocktail is fun! if you know how to enjoy it. Being half elf would be cool too… hmmm.. half dragon sounds cool..

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