Drum Roll Please :: School, School, and even more School: an Update::

Well here I am already three weeks into my first summer semester of University.  (five more weeks to go) The one thing I am really happy about is the fact that I am a sophomore now!  YAY!  But that is where my happiness ends. 

As you all know I am taking two summer courses this semester.  Writing and Computer Skills 102.  I am already ready to kill my writing professor.

He just arrived here about a month ago from where else but Saudi.  The horror.  Like I said in my previous ‘Drum Roll’ post, when I first saw him I thought he was just coming to class to tell us that the ‘real’ professor was going to be absent.  I never would have imagined that he could speak more or less teach something in English. Okay so as a first impression I was completely unimpressed.  But then he began teaching the course…and I was ready to die. 

To put it plainly he doesn’t know how to teach.  These students are taking this course to better their English Writing and he is not helping them one tad of a bit.  I’ll write a post later about how he teaches the class but let me sufice to say that its bad really really bad.

Then I have my Computer 102 class.   This one is weird.  Its so hard for me to concentrate and absorb what the teacher is saying because he speaks in Arabic most of the time.  Thank God the book is in both the Arabic and English language so I can follow along enough with that.  Its just I haven’t yet had a class taught in Arabic (Arabic 101 for non Arab Speaker doesn’t count cuz we didn’t bother to listen to the teacher) so I am unused to it. 

Though I am following along well enough its just tough and they are teaching us stuff we most likely won’t really use much…Excel, Frontpage, Access.  Okay Excel is most likely going to be used every once in a while by us but we can easily figure out how to use it without a course on it.  Most definitely though I’m not going to have to use any of these things for my major.

 Ok I’ll stop my ranting for now…I have to get off this crazy slow Uni computer and get to my writing class…


2 Responses to “Drum Roll Please :: School, School, and even more School: an Update::”

  1. Cyou imagine three years of that horrid stuff! I have two to go thank God in this land of UTOs.. I hope I make it, and I hope you do too.
    It is crazy, but we’ll survive I guess. We just need to increase our bowling trips 😉
    I have only gone once since we got here, three years ago can you believe it…

  2. Hey klo! Sorry about the sudden disappearance, but I was really busy with all the events, I am going to the seminar after all.
    Take care
    *lots of hugs*

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