Just wanted to let everyone know that this theme is just a temporary one until I find THE ONE for me.  I haven’t been happy lately with any of the selection so I am crossing my fingers and hoping to find something that I will absolutely love soon.  Just wanted to let you all know the reason for the lack of stability on this blog…


4 Responses to “NOTE”

  1. cant wait!

  2. I figured something out for my blog, come check it out! Hopefully this will solve my blog problem!

  3. You did it again!!!!! These theme changes hurt my eyes! I almost closed the window because I thought it was a different blog!

  4. haha…well i really didn’t like the theme i had…and the first one i had has gotten somewhat old for me…so i decided to change it for the time being into something i was comfortable with until i find something that is ‘perfect’…


  5. I dunno if this will help you or anything, but I got my theme from this site, There’s a bunch of themes, wordpress hacks, etc.

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