Drum Roll Please ::Why I Can’t Stand My Writing Professor::


 Ok yesterday and today I took detailed notes during my class of all the things that my professor does to get on my nerves.  The first thing that I remember from the first day that bugged me the most about him was how he repeated himself constantly. 

‘This (paragraph is not a) paragraph is all one sentence,’ Pause, ‘this is called a one sentence paragraph.’

‘You have to write in a  grammatical way,’ Pause ‘Grammatical.’ 

 ‘Is it our faith to write in a wrong way?’ Pause, ‘Is it our faith to write in a wrong way?’

The last sentence is word for word exactly what he said yesterday…I have no clue what he was trying to mean so bleh don’t ask me.

Another thing that totally gets on my nerves is how much the teacher keeps saying (more like boasting) that he is going to be completely fair and that he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to race, gender, and religion.  Ok its fine to say so in the first lecture but to say it over and over every lecture.  Give me a big fat break.  There is something wrong here because if he actually meant what he says then why does he have to keep repeating himself.  It almost feels like he is reassuring himself that that is what he is doing.  Or maybe he is trying to make himself believe it and so keeps saying it to calm down his conscience.  Who knows.

Also, he keeps saying that he doesn’t want any ‘fadayeh’ or scandals.  Therefore, he tells us that he won’t be telling us who the author of the paper he is reading is.  However, most of the time (not always but ALOT) he talks to the author of the paper and discusses it with them…hence letting everyone in the room know who the author is.

 He wastes the whole class reading our work out loud to us and then tutting over it and shaking his head.

He cares too much about whether or not the students are paying attention to him or not.  Come on, the students are not elementary kids they are college students.  They should know by now what is good for them and if they don’t then that’s their problem and they won’t pay attention to him anyway no matter how much he complains or points them out.  As long as they are not disturbing the other students let their minds wander.  If they aren’t going to pay attention don’t try and make them because they just won’t.  And it will all show when he asks them to write something that has to do with what he had just said or it should most definitely show when they take the midterm and final that they haven’t been paying attention.  And they will have to deal with the grade they get, not him.

While reading out loud the students’ work he fails to point out the writing mistakes.  However, he takes all the time in pointing out all the grammatical and spelling mistakes he forgets to point out what matters.  Like which certain sentences don’t fit in with the rest of the paragraph, or that the topic sentence is not correct and why (like its too general or too specific), or how the supporting sentences don’t support the topic sentence.  He has read many paragraphs that are lacking in these points and all he might do is ‘this is not a topic sentence’ and not say why or what would fit better. 

It just keeps getting better and better.

He makes stupid jokes that no one laughs at (ok some of the stupider students laugh at it but most of us don’t).  For example yesterday after going through half of our papers he put them aside and said,

‘I asked the doctor to add ‘teaching’ on the list of the causes of a heart attack.’

 If he has a problem with teaching then why is he teaching?  If he is afraid for his health then maybe he should quit.

Another thing that is blatant is the fact that he takes everything too personally.  He got very frustrated yesterday and was going off about how this class gives him high blood pressure.  If he can’t go over the work of the students without taking it personally that they are doing terrible then whats the point?  It seems as though he feels that the students make it a point to write terribly (they do write terribly btw) to get on his nerves and not from the fact that they had always been taught to plagiarise and never taught how to write a decent paper.

I honestly believe the professor has no clue how to teach.  Yesterday, he got frustrated to the point that he asked one of the five originally good (because they are either native English speakers or have studied their whole lives in English/American schools) students  what to do.  This student had taken a similar class before and suggested that the teacher put us the students into groups containing one ‘good’ student who helps the others out in anything they need.  So the professor was like ok we will try it out tomorrow. 

So today the professor put us into groups of seven and I was the ‘leader’ of my group.  I was not sure what exactly the teacher wanted us to do.  Were we supposed to write a paragraph together?  Was I supposed to just answer their questions?  So I asked the professor and he pretty much told me to re-explain everything he had given us in the past three weeks (which is mighty little I must admit).  So in the beginning I was lost as to what to do because all the students in my group have no problem understanding what a topic sentence is and what supporting sentences are and what linking words are.  However, towards the end of the lecture time I realized that though the students do actually understand all these points in writing a proper paragraph, they are at a loss in how to begin the writing process.  They have no idea how to organize their thoughts into something coherent before they put their pen on paper and actually write the paper.  They do not know how to write a proper topic sentence more or less how to choose a topic which is not too broad or too specific. 

Towards the end of the lecture time I decided to go over a girl’s paragraph and work backwards.  She had written a, sorry to say terrible, paragraph about her hobbies.  She had many run on sentences and her ideas were not clear nor were they developed.  Then I showed her how to do outlining and webbing.  Her friend was attending to what I was explaining and after I finished with the first girl we went over the other girl’s paper and once they got the hang of it (which was quickly) they were pretty much doing it on their own and they were actually happy that they had finally learned something beneficial in this course. 

So I have come to the conclusion that the professor is not teaching this course correctly.  He did tell the class what a paragraph contains but he did not explain the writing process nor did he even hint there was such a thing.  Now that I think of it he probebly doesn’t even know that there is such a thing as the writing process.

If these are not enough reasons for not being able to stand your professor…(you can fill in the dots).


5 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Why I Can’t Stand My Writing Professor::”

  1. Blimey-he sounds like a total mud-brain!Must say,though,that am amazed at the amount you’ve managed to write regarding him!Where the heck do you get the time??!!I’m on holiday and I don’t find the time or sometimes the inclination to write much about anything…

  2. I take back the old comment about me being the only guy commenting (that doesn’t mean reading however as the blog hits shows, lol). Should have before I said it.

    Anyways, I read your long post so you read mine! You might want to go to the Retro post in the info section, then the dreams part and check a few of them out so you get the gist of it. Or you can go to the dream section and look, I know the Retro post is kinda hard to read. You don’t have to of course, its just a few things that you wouldn’t know what they are.

  3. Almost forgot to write this.

    Since you read at least some parts of my current story, I will tell you how I roll. I don’t use all that structure and organization topic sentence stuff. I let it roll out whenever inspiration slaps me in the face.

  4. Bah.. remind me next semester not to take a class with him. The thing is, I can’t skip Writing 101, but I am dreading it from now.

  5. well if you take it with prof. Laza or Inas you should have fun…but do not take it with this guy…OMG

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