An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::6% Must Fail::

Yup you read that right.  And the saga goes on.  First, I found out about how only 10% of a class can obtain an A even if the whole class deserved it and now this.  On Wednesday, my Computer Skill’s professor was discussing the testing and grading system of the University since we have an exam tomorrow *makes a note to study for the exam which is less than 18 hours away* and he let it out that no matter how well we all do he has to fail 6% of the class at least.  So if the worst of us got Cs in the class they would fail even though they don’t deserve to fail.  This is just stupid. 

 Even without this ‘university law’ there are so many students here in the university in each class that obviously don’t care about how they do and if they fail.  Those I am sure make up at least ten percent of each and every class but that’s beside the point.  Why can’t they give everyone their deserved grade and not put such restrictions as where only 10% in a class can ever obtain an A and that 6% MUST fail.  It just makes me feel that this cheats us from getting any kind of decent education. This is beyond stupid.   I am for once not able to express myself with words right now…


2 Responses to “An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::6% Must Fail::”

  1. Maybe they are Social Darwinians and are rooting out the weakest so only the strong survive? Survival of the Fittest!

    But then they only let 10% get an A, which screws up that theory………

  2. Yeah, well, what are you gonna do? Reaper was right, and the whole 10% crap just makes you work harder to BE in the 10%.

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