Drum roll Please ::WOW::

I can’t believe it. Less than three more weeks and we will be done with the summer semester.  Already, registration has started and my appointment with the computer is on Monday at nine thirty in the morning.  Fingers crossed over here that I am able to sign up for the classes I want and that they are not all locked down (because they are full) by the time I get to them.

Three weeks.  WOW.  I’ve never had a semester pass so quickly.  Midterms are already history and finals are looming.  I am not in much of a fuss over the finals for the classes I am taking are not that difficult.  However, I am nervous about getting into the classes I want for next semester.  Wish me luck!


2 Responses to “Drum roll Please ::WOW::”

  1. Yeah, I share the same worry that I may not get classes I want. If I don’t have my friends with me I just might snap……

  2. Lol, almost there! Good luck with the classes! What are you hoping to take?

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