Drum Roll Please ::Classes::

Alright so it seems that there is a good selection of classes that are available for next semester! I am very excited.  The classes I hope to take (in order of preference) are:

1. England 2 (A.K.A. Seventeenth Century English Literature)

2. American 1 (A.K.A. American Literature until 1865)

3. Novel (1)

4. English 102

5. Advanced Writing (yeah its about time we start writing essays and stuff!)

6. Classical and Ancient Literature

7. Syntax 2

8. Phonetics

9. Arabic 2 for non Arab speakers

The maximum amount of classes to register for in one semester is six classes but I might take only five.  But those are the classes I am thinking of registering in… 


7 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Classes::”


  2. I must have forgot to publish my comment. Heres what it was,

    “I too share the worry of classes, if I don’t get a few friends I just might snap….”

    Also, since DT has gone missing and your the next friend on my imaginary list, I just got yahoo messenger if you ever care to chat with me. Just email me or leave a comment or something. We can talk about whatever, it’s not like I got anything better to do. Perhaps it would prove interesting, or entertaining at the least.

    Why do I get the weird feeling that I am comeing off as the weird creepy stalker guy? Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut……

    And if you’re wondering why I hold you as being one of my better friends, especially since you haven’t really read my blog as much as others, well it has to do with my feeling. These feelings haven’t proven me wrong yet except in one area, and the feeling is is that we would have been really great friends had we ever met. I know you might think it’s stupid or weird that I would presume so much when we only know each other via blog, but I always get these feelings when it is important.

    That just makes me sound even more like a scary stalker guy…….guess it doesn’t matter now, you get to be the final judge of me. Hope you get the classes you want, and I won’t be mad if you decide to stop writing at me.

  3. no i don’t want to take it with that idiot but if there is nothing else available then maybe…ive decided im going to try for american one, england 2, novel one, study skills, and advanced writing. Those are the ones i am aiming for so fingers crossed here…

  4. Oooh…sounds great. 😀 Especially that novel class. Good luck getting in the ones you want!

  5. Thanks for commenting, it really made my day because I though I had lost another of my friends. Especially since DT left. I really had started thinking you thought I was an old creepy guy, lol. Hope you do well, kick some academic ass!

  6. what uni r u in

  7. I attend the most hellish uni in Jordan…JU 😛

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