Drum Roll Please ::Luck::

Wish me luck everybody! I go tomorrow to register for my classes for fall semester.  Also, I am planning on going on a vacation to Turkey for a week in the end of August so I need some luck there.  I need a break.  Hope I get everything figured out and planned out in the smoothest way possible. 

For now I’ll settle for the good luck concerning my classes…and I’ll make a more detailed report about Turkey and what I am planning on doing there when I myself find out what I am planning on doing.  I just today decided I was going to go. LOL


2 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Luck::”

  1. Are you going to Constantinople….er…Istanbul? Which is it now? Isn’t like the largest city in the world? It was for a long time if I remember correctly.

  2. you forgot with your sister! to turkey i mean..

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