Drum Roll Please ::Its All Set In Stone::

Well acutally that isn’t really true it’s not all set in stone.  Registration today was pretty stressful but not as stressful as I expected.  To begin with I so did not expect to get into any of the classes I wanted.  I expected all the classes I wanted to sign up for would be full to bursting meaning I would have to run around and try to get all the signatures from the Dean and the heads of the departments to let me ‘unlock’ the classes and get into them.

But I must say God loves me (and Amino and Lumi) today.  I had no problem with registering for the classes I wanted.  All, except one, had more than enough space and the one that was locked I had a back up class for it which I got into easily.

So of course if one has it easy in one way they must have it hard in something else. You know its all about balance.  So yeah I didn’t have any problems with getting into the classes but I did have HUGE problems with the computers themselves.  The system crashed or froze at least TWICE in the half hour given to me to register.  Add to that the printers were jammed and the computers for the printers were frozen.

But all in all I am SO happy I got into the courses I wanted and to have four out of the five I signed up for with Amino by my side.  I am almost in pure bliss (note:ALMOST).

My classes:

1) 9-10 American Literature Till 1865

2) 10-11 Seventeenth Century English Literatures

3) 11-12 Shakespeare

   12-1 Break

4)1-2 Study Skills

5)2-3 Advanced Writing

I had wanted to take Novel One from 12-1 but that was the class which was locked so I took Shakespeare instead.

The reason why this schedual is not set in stone yet is because I am thinking of adding one more class to it.  But so far I do not think these classes will be changed.

WOW I survived another registration fiasta and got out of it almost unscathed enough to tell about it!


2 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Its All Set In Stone::”

  1. I get to see mine on thursday, wish me luck!

  2. woo! glad to hear it went well! hopefully it’ll just keep on getting better…:P And aww…sorry the novel class was full…maybe next sem, though?

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