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Turkey ::Update Before I Leave::

Posted in Turkey on Friday, August 25, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Well I went with my sister to buy the tickets and it turns out they changed the plan.  We will taking off at 7pm instead of noon and coming back a few hours later than we were supposed to.

 So I have a few more hours in Amman before I leave…


Turkey ::Goodbye Cruel World…For a Week at Least!::

Posted in Turkey on Thursday, August 24, 2006 by dragonsvamp

So I wrote a lot for this post and then I press the ‘Save and Continue Editing’ button and what does it do? It just erases everything I just wrote…grrrr.

I’ll try and resay everything but it kind of has lost its essence.  Oh well here goes nothing…

So I’m leaving tomorrow at 9:30 to the airport.  Can’t wait.  It just seems too close all of a sudden.  Now that my sister got married (last Monday) her husband is coming along and that should be SUPER fun.  I am so going to bug the hell out of them.  They’ll be glad to board the airplane back to America when I’m through with them…lol.

I’m excited but it would have been more exciting if a certain tragedy hadn’t befallen a good friend of mine.  But since I promised K that I will have fun and not worry I am going to try my best to keep my word (and I assure you its going to be hard) but I might just be able to pull it off for the week I’m gone at least.

I’m not really packed yet…I know what I want to take but it won’t even come near to filling up the duffle bag I’m taking.  I’m going to have to figure that out soon.  Can’t have my breakable stuff get broken just because the bag is half empty.  And for sure the people in the plane won’t take care of the stuff at all.  They’ll just throw the bags wherever there is space in the cargo area of the plane.

I won’t be coming on much this week so don’t expect any new posts but after the first of August I should be back with a vengence.  Shoot me if I don’t get something up by at least the third!

So I guess I’m leaving you all now…don’t forget me and disappear!

p.s. a special thanks to Omernos for telling me which places I MUST go to and visit…


Posted in NOTE on Tuesday, August 22, 2006 by dragonsvamp


Drum Roll Please ::Finally Finished::

Posted in My University Life on Monday, August 21, 2006 by dragonsvamp

SO today was the last day of summer semester.  The writing exam was soooooo beyond easy.  I got to the classroom five minutes late but was out of there within fifteen minutes.  I checked my watch when I left and it was nine twenty.  The test was supposed to be from nine til eleven.  The sad thing was the content of the exam, ‘Write a compare and contrast paragraph on your two best friends’. Fifty whole points on that?! OMG its like something one would ask a first grader not a college aged student!  Pathetic.

Drum Roll Please ::Postponed Final::

Posted in Jordan Idiocracy, My University Life on Friday, August 18, 2006 by dragonsvamp

So I find out on Thursday (yesterday) that this Sunday is going to be a holiday.  Well this Sunday I have my last final (Writing Class) and it turns out to be the last day of the Summer semester as well.  Also, Monday was supposed to be the National holiday and not Sunday.  So why did they switch it on us?  Well as one of the professors in the university said its something similar to the British’s ‘Bank Holidays’.  It was more convinent for the people to have a three day weekend then to have Friday and Saturday off and then work on Sunday and then have Monday off.

But if the nation already knew this then why did they not say from the beginning that we were going to have Sunday off?  Why do they have to change it at the last minute? 

I went to the university yesterday to figure out when I was going to be taking my final.  Turns out every test given on Sunday was to be given instead on Monday.  This ruins my whole work schedule.  Honestly, I don’t know how I was ever able to live through the past three years.  And I don’t know how I’m going to live through how ever long I am going to be staying here…

Book Review ::Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell::

Posted in Book Reviews on Wednesday, August 16, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Title: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell 

Series:  None

Author: Susanna Clarke

Pages: 1006

Cost: $9.99

My Rating: B

Date Published: 2005

Comment: I bought this book two months ago exactly and started reading it the night I bought it but it took me exactly two months and a week to actually finish it.  Its not because it was bad or not interesting it was because it was soooooo deep.  There was so much going on and with all the description it was like the LotRs in its style of writing but a completely different storyline.  This book is just amazing in its depth and it must been a pain to write and actually complete.  I must admit there was a part towards the end where I lost interest.  It was just being dragged out too long.  But I stuck it through and the ending was worth it.  Towards the end it got really really good though.  A must read for anyone who likes to read stuff like Dickens but also loves stuff with magic and parallel worlds.

Turkey ::Post #4::

Posted in Turkey on Wednesday, August 16, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Today I went to get my own passport (yup the Jordanian passport…not the one in the pic I already have my American one).  Here in Jordan you’re passport is the same as your dad’s until you turn sixteen or around that age.  So I never needed to go and get my own before now.  It was a horrible experiance.  Everyone smoking, completely filthy and gross but I didn’t stay there as long as I expected.  Thank God.

Anyways, now that I have gotten my passport it is for sure that I will be going to Turkey. (InshaAllah[God Willing]).

Nine days left and counting…