Drum Roll Please ::Bird Poop and Randomness Prevails::

ARGHHH no wonder I hate the university so much.  I was sitting with a friend today in a little circular-ish court yard in the Deanship building enjoying myself and the unexpected free afternoon after a meeting was canceled.  I got up to leave and since Jordan is such a DUSTY place I habitually started to dust off my clothing from the back.  YUCK!  There was bird dudu all over my clothing.  It was just gross.  Thank God the poop was almost dry when I sat on it so I was able to get it off pretty easily but I did have to use my drinking water in some places.  It was most unpleasant.  Of course my friend had a great laugh at me and now that I write this it was kind of funny.  However, why can’t the university maintain at least a small level of cleanliness at all times?

This brings me to the ‘randomness’ part of my title.  Just yesterday I was walking from my writing class to my Computer skills class when I saw a number of people throwing their straw and candy wrappers, their empty soda cans, and their cigarette case plastic covering on the ground as they left the small junk food shop which I pass everyday on my way to my class.  Usually, I have made it an art to get from point A to point B with observing as little as possible of my surroundings but yesterday I noticed all these little ‘normal’ occurrences and began to think about them.

Is it possible that the people here in Jordan are born with a certain part of their brain missing?  The part that makes one feel ashamed in littering their surroundings?  The part that tells them to keep their environment clean by throwing there trash in the many many yellow trash bins littered all over the university?  Are they born with this part of their brain missing?  Is it only us the foreigners who have this part still intact and are disgusted by the carelessness of the people with their environment? 

I just can’t understand this.  How can someone unashamedly publically just throw their garbage on the ground at their feet?  How can they not feel self concious and embarrassed? Also, there are so SO many underpaid people who work for hours and hours cleaning up the university but they never seem to be able to help much in making the university cleaner.  For every peice of garbage they pick up two more are being thrown on the ground right beside him.  How are those people supposed to keep up with the spoiled brats called students in the university? 

I have lost count of the countless times I’ve seen people standing RIGHT NEXT TO A GARBAGE BIN and what do they do with their garbage? Nope, they do not throw it in the bin if that was your answer.  They throw it on the ground.  And I am not over exaggerating.  I am dead serious.

This has gone on long enough and I believe it needs to stop.  So any ideas in fixing this problem? 


4 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Bird Poop and Randomness Prevails::”

  1. My step borther was the same way about garbage. He would have an empty can INSIDE the house by a trashcan, go outside and throw it down in a random place. No lie.

    As for doing something about it, check my latest post. Ok, its not specifically about that, but it’s one of my shorter posts with only a few paragraphs. You should check it out as I’m sure it will get the ol’ thought box moving for ya.

    If you have more time scroll down and check out my post “The Lonely”. It’s a bit long, but its message is one I think we should all consider.

    No pressure….just need people to read my work, otherwise it’s just rotting away in cyberspace ya know?

  2. My dear,these people mistakenly think it looks cool to not give a shit about the environment and throw their refuse everywhere,preferably where it’ll do the most damage.The guys think it’ll make them cooler in the sight of the girl’s and vice versa(although I must say that after having been in the UK for a month and seen guys who are the closest to physical perfection-in my opinion-that you can get in an imperfect world who are also polite,smile and-be still my beating heart!-have a Northern accent!I am of the opinion,as is my dear friend Fudge,that most of the guys at uni should be rounded up and shot,and if anyone approached me even thinking about romantic thoughts,I will lash him to shreds with my tongue and tell him to take a good hard look in the mirror at both his inward and outward self!The gel,the fron,the unkempt facial hair,the unwashedness…Bleargh!).However,after ranting on and on.I must say the best you can do is ignore them!

  3. As Bush and Isreal would agree wipe them out!

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