Drum Roll Please ::And the Saga Continues::

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            (Since my last post about my professor), I have been taking notes on the things that irritate me about my writing professor these past couple weeks (and believe me when I say there is absolutely and utterly nothing I even remotely like about this specific professor).

            Two weeks ago he read a paragraph of one of the students.  I must admit the paragraph was beyond terrible but that doesn’t give the teacher any right to tell the students that the writer of this paragraph is a ‘hopeless case’ and those were the EXACT words he said.  Some students complained and said (and I quote) ‘now you are putting us down and making us despair at any chance for passing this class’ (note: the students don’t care about learning anything all they care about is ‘passing the class’ and getting it over and done with, with as little learning as possible.  But that is not what this post is about so I won’t go into detail about the idiocracy of the students; I’ll save this topic for another post later on).  The teacher’s reply was simple and stupid, ‘Just read this and tell me this isn’t hopeless.’

            He went off about something about ‘interplaced brain hemisphere’ (*shrugs* don’t ask me half the time he is speaking I am convinced that he is speaking in a language of his own creation.  That is how bad his speaking skills are.  Besides ‘interplaced’ is not even a word).

            A week later, he went off about ‘don’t blame me for your bad marks, blame yourself’.  Give me a break; he isn’t even trying to help the students progress in this subject.  Not one bit is he trying to help out.  That same day he passed out our marked midterm exams.

            He did not give us a lecture that day but he sure made us stay inside the classroom until the whole hour was up.  So if he gave back our test papers and he wasn’t going to give us a lecture we naturally began discussing the exam and comparing our answers with one another.  So the room got pretty noisy which was fine as long as the teacher was not speaking to the class which he wasn’t.

            Half way through our one hour, he suddenly yelled at two girls sitting in the second or third row to the front (I sit all the way in the last row right next to the window) and told them very rudely to get out of his classroom.  These two girls are no more trouble makers than I am and I have not yet gotten in trouble with him so it came as a huge shock for most of the class I believe.  Maybe he over heard them saying something unkind about him but still he had no right to kick them out.

            He yelled at them and told them, ‘Leave before I say “kalimah nashfeh” and I don’t want to ever see you in my class again.’  At the moment I had not clue what “kalimah nashfeh” meant but I did surmise that it must be something really bad.  Later I asked a friend and she said that it roughly translates to ‘Leave before I call you something you do not want to hear’ (for all you Arabic speakers correct me if I’m wrong!).

            The girls ended up leaving but if it was me I would have said ‘Go ahead hit me with all you’ve got and see if I care,’ and I would have stayed.  What would he have been able to do if the girls had refused to leave?  Would he have bodily removed them from the room?  I very much doubt it.

            But boy was that something I never saw in my life before and I’ve been attending colleges and universities since 2000.  I wonder: who is paying for his salary?  Maybe he thinks the university collects it whenever it rains money and pays him this way (*shrugs again* And there is no such thing as financial aid here).

            Two of my writing professor’s favorite things to point out and pick on are all the subject verb agreement and countable/uncountable noun mistakes the students make in their writing but I don’t think he realizes that he makes the same mistakes on a daily basis while speaking.

            ‘….give me examples of effect, if there is any…’

            ‘…I noticed a progress in your writing…’

            Man there is so much in my notes that I can discuss but this post is already very very long (what is the difference between ‘very long’ and ‘too long’ I wonder…you’ll understand why I ask this if you read on…) so I’ll just fast forward to what happened today.

            Today he entered the classroom and sat down behind his desk, ‘I am too tired today,’ he interrupts himself and says, ‘Anyone here knows the difference between ‘too tired’ and ‘very tired’?’  Blah Blah Blah…

            Once that question was answered he went back and repeated himself, ‘I am too tired today to give you a lecture.’ (so why the hell did he com?)  He went on to ask the five top students in the class if they would be willing to give the lecture instead.  One student he asked replied with the question ‘what do you want us to give?’ and he was like ‘oh give them about a comparison and contrast paragraph’.  The girl replied, ‘didn’t we already discuss comparison and contrast?’  I think the professor grunted some kind of answer to her without any of us being able to understand what he said.  The funny thing is we all refused (politely of course) to take charge of the lecture.

            After this unexpected refusal I think the professor got frustrated.  He started picking people at random making them go up in front of the class and explain whatever topic he gave them.  First he ordered a girl to go up and talk about enumerators even though she did not want to do it.  Then he made a guy go talk about cause and effect.  Yes this is all good and stuff but the way in which he went about it was very rude and inconsiderate.  It was just a disaster.

            Thank God there are only six more lectures left and then I’ll see the end of him for ever (*fingers crossed* he isn’t giving me any of my lectures next semester *begins to get worried*).


10 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::And the Saga Continues::”

  1. arrrr… they are the most horrid teachers ever, and it is because they teach without first learning how to teach. And they only do it for the money… Well most of them anyways..
    The two teachers that I have taken classes with that do it cause they really love it and care about their students. And they care to spread the knowledge are:
    Dr. Omar Amireh (really an amazing teacher and person)
    Architect: Lean Faquri (really tries to get the message accross to us..)

  2. I wanna start this comment with

    “My Dear….”

    lol! Makes me sound like your granny or something.

    Anyways, I’ve found many many teachers are complete dunces and need to leave and get a new job. I find they often refuse to leave however, so I would suggest finding out if he’s involved in a sex scandal. That always gets them gone in a heartbeat. SCANDALOUS!!!!!

    Ha Ha Ha!!!!! I’m so retarded today!

  3. Blah! How annoying is that. You have the worst experiences in your classes, I swear!!

  4. he is a pain in the ass as i see.. why don’t u switch somewhere else

  5. in the beginning of the semester there were three writing sections but two got canceled for the lack of students who signed up for them and the one i was in was the one that stayed open…bummer i know.

  6. bleh, that sucks. 😦 I hope you meet your perfect writing/lit professor sometime in the near future…you need to experience one. O_o

  7. Some people simply weren’t cut out to be teachers. These guys are a few of them.

  8. […] (and look, someone else taking that class is as ticked off as I am) […]

  9. Ok, wait, my favorite part was yesterday when he said the thing about “Go to car” and “Go to mall”. I don’t know the grammar of it because I never did grammar, but I know that “Go to mall” sounds terribly, terribly wrong.

  10. I left a post on Rob’a blog about this fellow. As a writing teacher, I can tell you that his methods are about 40 years out of date.

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